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Zoomer is the delivery network for high volume restaurants. Between local experts, remote consultants, and their real time tracking technology, Zoomer has the infrastructure needed to support delivery operations for restaurants.

In the food delivery business, anything can happen. Zoomer's delivery success team needs to be prepared to handle any situation with speed and accuracy. Adding to the complexity their success team works around the clock in different shifts, compounding the need for an enablement solution that keeps their entire team up-to-date with the latest processes and procedures that are approved by the shift managers.


Eric Elicker, Head of Delivery Success at Zoomer oversees a team of 46 reps that provide real time support for restaurants and delivery drivers using Zoomer. Delivery Success is all about making sure food gets delivered from point A to point B. They watch drivers run their routes in real time and coordinate pick ups and drop offs ensuring drivers know where they need to be at all times. With the team supporting so many deliveries throughout the day, reps need to handle cases with efficiency and speed to keep up with incoming support requests.

Zoomer had yet to implement a solution for support enablement, so most of their knowledge about proper procedures and how to handle common requests was stored in Asana checklists. While the tool was great for their task management needs, the key challenge with Asana was its accessibility which Eric expands on: "Asana was one of probably 15 tabs open on three monitors of our delivery success coordinators. So when things were hectic and issues arose, it was unrealistic to expect them to find Asana in a secondary window, click 7 layers deep and follow a checklist when instead they could just ask one of us and resolve the issue that way. While it was easier, we were making avoidable mistakes, and lacked consistency because we weren't sticking to the knowledge we actually developed."

Subee Jacob, a delivery success coordinator expanded on the challenges by mentioning it could take more than a minute for the checklists to even load and that the team all had their own hacks and techniques to help speed up their process. He had post-it notes across his desk with restaurant phone numbers because it was faster than his workflow using the checklists.

As a growing business, Zoomer was constantly hiring new reps in the role trying to figure out how to support someone in all situations: ones as simple as drivers who forgot to hit a button, to complex situations like what drivers should do during a tornado warning. While they could store the knowledge, it was hard to have it accessible and easy to find for everyone. Zoomer needed a support enablement solution that:

  • Didn't require another tab. Delivery success coordinators were looking at so many tabs on a screen already, so Eric wanted a solution that could overlay on top of the browser and provide knowledge to his reps wherever they worked.
  • Had an amazing search function. With the amount of cases each rep handled a day, a search function that could return the correct results with just one or two keywords was critical to maintaining a quick response time.


Guru's search algorithm provides a huge efficiency gain for Zoomer

Once implementing Guru, Zoomer was quick to populate it with all the information their reps needed. Jay Hughes, a delivery success coordinator was in charge of populating content in Guru. Within the first couple of weeks, he was able to fully build out Zoomer's knowledge base which made the transition period that much easier.

Now Zoomer stores everything from process guides, checklists to resolve issues, restaurant documents, to team announcements, and policies in Guru. In short, Eric says everything they need to reference more than once is stored in Guru.

A common use case for Jay and Subee, one that happens almost a dozen times a day is having to pull up account details on restaurants to manually enter delivery orders. The previous workflow would have involved opening a Google sheet and searching through all the restaurants in their platform just to find that information. Now, they can just type in the restaurant's name and that information is already there in a Guru card.

"To be able to type in only one word or even a phrase that's even related to what the card is titled and have the right content appear is great. It cut down on so much time we spent just searching for information. Guru is a huge efficiency gain for us."- Eric, Head of Delivery Success

Guru's verification engine empowers reps to handle cases on their own, reducing shoulder taps for managers

Eric knew Guru was the right tool because his team was excited to adopt it as it was so helpful to their day to day, opposed to him having to fight them to adopt it. They love that it's right in the browser, and Guru's keyword search algorithm enables them to handle cases with accuracy and speed.

"All I need to do is put in a few keywords and the result I need is in the first 5 search results, so finding things isn't a problem anymore."- Subee, Delivery Success

As Zoomer continues to grow, Eric's focus has been empowering delivery success coordinators to be able to handle cases on their own, without needing to reach out to one of the shift managers. Guru's verification engine provides the trust the reps need to ensure that the information they are sharing with restaurants and delivery drivers is still accurate. Additionally, Zoomer's processes are continually improving and changing as they scale. Guru's verification workflow allows Eric to be confident that changes in processes won't disrupt the response time of his reps. Subee expands on this point and said, "In our business, there are a lot of obscure issues that come up. For example, maybe a driver gets a flat tire during an order. That's something even a manager might not know off-hand because it doesn't happen often. But with Guru, all of these issues are easily searchable and we're able to handle them on our own."

Guru makes it easier to communicate across Zoomer's entire team

One unexpected use case of Guru, is now Zoomer communicates their daily updates to delivery success coordinators via Guru. Since their team works in shifts, ensuring everyone sees an update was challenging. Eric explains: "Slack moves so fast, but Guru just makes it easier for us to communicate across the entire team. People are more likely to go there than go digging around or searching in Slack."


Since implementing Guru, Zoomer has seen an improvement to their response rate as reps can now access the knowledge they need faster than before. Thanks to how fast Zoomer can look up restaurants in Guru the delivery success team has significantly reduced their call times as well.

"Guru can turn a 90 second chore to 10 seconds. Since we do it so many times a day, with so many dispatchers it saves us multiple hours a day."- Jay, Dispatcher

With Zoomer's 46 reps saving that much time across the significant number of deliveries they support everyday, Guru has quickly improved rep responsiveness leading to faster & better support for all restaurant partners.

Furthermore, Eric and his shift manager's capacity is much greater now that the constant shoulder taps and one-off messages from reps has stopped. Instead of having to handhold new reps, shift managers can manage at a higher level and focus on other key business problems Zoomer faces. Subee agrees and said, "A lot of times, people keep asking managers questions about various issues. Using Guru frees them up to focus on their own jobs. Just having a hive of information right there, stops us from asking our managers for help, which adds up over time."

Crucially, Guru has also helped align all of their customer facing teams and keep them consistent across the entire organization.

"We sit in the middle of two different teams: territory operations and account management. Our goal is to make sure we're aligned with them and consistent in terms of what we communicate to restaurants. With Guru we've definitely made progress towards that goal."- Eric, Head of Delivery Success

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