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“As a relatively new employee, Guru has by far been my favorite resource for finding things out on my own without needing to ask a more tenured colleague.”

Zach Hauer
Account Executive

“If you use Confluence, GDrive, or an internal wiki, you’re doing it wrong. Guru provides trusted content that’s accessible in an instant. Our team adoption was incredibly quick. I’ve looked at a million CMS solutions and this is my favorite.”

John Ley
Head of Sales Enablement

“I was onsite with a customer yesterday and used it mid-conversation. I clicked a button and boom, the answer was right there. The thing I like most is Guru is capitalizing on the overwhelming need for sales reps to have answers RIGHT NOW.”

James Texeira
Account Executive
Featured Case Study

“Originally evaluated Guru as a Sales Enablement tool, to arm SDRs with customer stories, ICP pains, etc on the fly. We saw so much value that we ended up rolling it out to our entire organization across the globe. Can not recommend this highly enough.”

Alex Turner
Director of Sales Development
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“I appreciate that Guru gives us that control over our marketing assets so we feel more comfortable and confident that we have unified and aligned messaging across the company.”

Charity Stebbins
Senior Product Marketing Manager
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“Guru is the easiest way to capture the expertise of my team and scale that expertise across the global sales and success organizations. My team is freed up from answering basic questions, to spend time on more strategic sales activities. Guru is the the connective tissue between my SE team and the rest of our GTM organization.”

Zach Lawryk
Senior Director of Sales Engineering

“The ability to create content owners and review periods means there is a clear structure to keep content fresh and accurate, which is always the bane of all content management systems.”

Joel Anfuso
Learning & Development Manager

“Guru works wonders for our sales team. We’re finding information faster when on a call with a merchant. Being able to quickly pull up some competitive landscapes is what our team uses it the most for. It’s my favorite sales enablement tool I’ve every worked with!”

Ellie Pearson
Account Executive

“Guru has become an essential tool needed to do my job and I’ve found myself using the phrase “I just Guru’ed it?” in everyday conversation. I am new to the team and love that I can use Guru as a quick reference instead of searching around in the never ending list of google docs and training guides that were dumped in my lap on day one.”

Kelsey Halkyker
Account Manager
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“Guru search results are ranked by relevancy, popularity, and accuracy which helps my team find accurate answers quickly, an essential time saver when communicating with prospects via the phone or email.”

Halid Ibrahimovic
Sales Director
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“Last year it would have taken 3 months before a new sales engineer could comfortably lead their first demo. Now that we have Guru in place, both of our newest sales engineers have been able to successfully deliver their first demo in the first month.”

Paul Pasko
Sales Enablement Leader
Featured Case Study

“I like that If I am looking for an answer to a question I don’t know, all I have to do is go to Guru and ask! This helps me improve my sales process, and allows me to give customers the right answers to their questions, the first time that they ask them!”

Jacob Johnston
Product Specialist

“As a salesperson makes my job so much easier and makes me much more self-sufficient. Easy to find information I’d normally ping a group chat for and since my company validates all the info added over time, I’m ensured it’s accurate. Every knowledge company should be using this.”

Patrick Seward
Corporate Account Executive
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“Sales cycles move forward faster because I have quick access to resources that I need with Guru.”

Johnny Rabe
Account Development Manager
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“Guru has already minimized the number of questions I get daily, and is empowering my team to access information they need much faster.”

Tonni Bennett
Director of Sales

“Guru makes sure that information doesn’t go stale, which is a problem we’ve had with every other tool that we’ve tried.”

Jake Stein

“I love how fast it is. It’s crazy fast, like faster than Google, fast. I can instantly search my company’s entire database of help files, in an instant. I also love that it runs as an extension so you are never taken away from the web page.”

Akeem Shannon
Account Executive

“I really like how quickly you can look up a keyword or phrase and find the exact information you need without leaving your current browser window.”

Sylvia Parol
Enterprise Solutions

“Guru continues to scale across our organization making it really easy for all departments to find appropriate collateral. Guru has had a tremendous impact on how efficient our sales and customer support teams are.”

Alex Hallenbeck
Solutions Engineer
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“Guru is simply the easiest, most straightforward way to get information. I can access the browser extension from any page, and the ability to recall information instantly is invaluable to me. Knowing that the information is always up-to-date is icing on the cake.”

Kristen Hariton
Senior Product Marketing Manager

“Guru enables us to share knowledge across multiple teams quickly and seamlessly. As well as trusting that the information that surfaces is current and verified by the people who own it.”

Ron Urbanski
Business Development Manager
Featured Case Study

“Being able to verify and answer Guru cards in Slack has improved my response time as a manager, I feel confident that I’m getting my reps the answers they need quickly. This has led to not only faster onboarding but a sense of certainty that when I’m not available the sales team can still access up-to-date knowledge that will help them accelerate their sales pipeline.”

Erin Hill
Sales Operations

“When evaluating internal wiki solutions I was focused on simply finding one that had functional search, supported multimedia content, and a clear, visual content hierarchy. But Guru had features that did not even cross my mind for a knowledge base tool and changed the way I thought about the initial problem. My requirements evolved after being introduced to it.”

Anita Pericic
Sales Enablement & Support Operations

“I work in Customer Support and use Guru often to find relevant information when I’m working through a problem with a customer. It’s a lot easier than trying to remember every detail and it’s comforting to know that all of that is stored in Guru where I can find it quite quickly.”

Shauna Bevacqua
Customer Experience Agent

“Guru works as a browser extension or webapp which means it can be accessed whenever, wherever, and however it is most needed. Beyond that, it’s social features and Slack integration are hugely useful in keeping people engaged with the tool. Trust is so easy to build with Guru and it has grown our potential for knowledge sharing exponentially.”

Jacob Touchette
Knowledge Management Specialist

“The accessibility of information is what makes Guru shine. As a support org, we get asked a ton of questions from internal and external parties. Slack has become inundated with repeat questions, and we spend a lot of time monitoring it to answer questions. Guru lets subject matter experts answer a question once. Then everyone can reference that answer.”

Sam Asher
Support Analyst

“Every time I use Guru, I’m simply delighted. I’m not joking, and there’s no other tool that does that for me (that doesn’t employ me).”

Steven Grady
Support Specialist

“It has made my job so much easier! I can find the information I need within seconds vs the frustration I had with our previous solution”

Cynthia Loiselle-Seguin
Merchant Success

“We have seen increased confidence in our team when it comes to processing requests and answering questions. In short, we are faster and better at our jobs than we were before Guru.”

Brandon Tracey
Membership Manager

“Guru has become the go-to place to search for information. Before I do anything I search in Guru first to find what I am looking for and it has become like second nature to me now.”

Rachael Cardenas
Customer Support Rep

“Guru can turn a 90 second chore to 10 seconds. Since we do it so many times a day, with so many dispatchers it saves us multiple hours a day.”

Jay Hughes
Delivery Success Coordinator
Featured Case Study

“Super easy to use and great cutting edge integrations (Chrome, Slack, etc). Before this, collective knowledge was either in people’s heads, on their personal drives, if lucky, in an outdated google drive or dropbox, or maybe on an even more outdated wiki.”

Peter Nesbitt
Featured Case Study

“I have vetted multiple knowledge bases and Guru’s is by far the best. The difference is in some ways the answers come to YOU vs. you always having to know where to look.”

Farzad Rezaassa
Sales Manager
Featured Case Study

“Amazing Resource! The quick ability to search for relevant information while remaining on the same page. It is so much more convenient than having to open up a separate tab.”

Beth McEachern
Merchant Success

“We tried multiple internal knowledge bases and none proved to be effective. Now, all information is in the same place and our agents can access it on any screen. It’s become an essential part of our day to day workflow. Anytime we change an internal policy, or a new feature is released, our first thought is ‘Is there a Guru card for that?’ “

Scott Bartlett
Customer Support Manager

“Guru is convenient and easily accessible on every page and it save me loads of time and confusion! I love that they are simple and easy to read and instead of 100 tabs open I have been able to cut back a bunch! I also love that they can be updated by anyone so the information is always up to date!”

Krista de Kenny
Merchant Success

“When parts of our product change, it’s not always easy to share that knowledge with the whole team: people are on vacation, too busy, miss meetings, etc. Guru creates the necessary central repository.”

Jamie Wang, Director
Customer Success

“Having complex information readily available, up-to-date, and easily searchable is huge for our team. The main benefit is increased confidence in your customer interactions. It’s almost like your Guru has your back in tough situations!”

Clayton Rector
Featured Case Study

“My favourite thing about Guru is the integration with Slack! I love how you can pull in any cards that are relevant into a conversation with your teammates.”

Rye Porritt
Merchant Success

“Love the Chrome extension that just pops out anytime I need to search for information we store in Guru.”

Martin Sohikish
Corporate Account Executive
Featured Case Study

“Guru has a simplistic approach to sharing, updating and managing knowledge within the platform that makes it easy to use and adoptable. The chrome extension and Slack integration are really just icing on the cake, providing options for users to access information in whichever way they find most convenient. We’ve found it decreases repetitive questions in Slack and is a huge time saver for our team.”

Brenna Stanton
Project Manager
Featured Case Study

“We used the opinions of our team to judge if Guru was a success. Everyone liked Guru. No one liked wikis.”

Anthony Thomas
General Manager and Co-founder
Featured Case Study

“Guru has been an excellent alternative to Sharepoint due to the ability to view and access notecards without having auxiliary software (e.g. MS Office) installed. It makes for quicker access when we need to view known issues and quick fixes while on call, where every minute can count.”

Lauren Keddington
Systems Engineer

“We know where to find information, we know we can trust it, we can easily keep it updated, and we can easily share it. It sounds so, so simple - and that’s because, for a user (whether you’re looking for info or sharing it) - it is.”

Julie Lamba
Director of Learning
Featured Case Study

“This tool is a must-have for any company trying to scale internal knowledge across a growing team. People are wasting less time asking questions that have already been answered before.”

Ross Sheingold

“I’ve long been stuck in environments that use a myriad of disjointed, traditional KB systems. This is the only one I feel that intuitively integrates into an existing communication medium, provides a great search mechanism, and enforces a means to ensure the content is applicable.”

Ryan Munsch
Solutions Engineer

“Let me say, having a searchable database of our policies has done wonders for company communication. Not to mention, it’s awesome to be reminded to validate cards as our company grows and information changes.”

Salvatore Paternostro
Office Manager

“Guru & Slack collectively enable us to scale a 100% remote team while achieving exceptionally high customer satisfaction ratings. Amazingly, our customers still ask new questions every day, and by combining Slack & Guru, we can quickly migrate new topics to our internal or external knowledge base. Guru & Slack provide all the tools we need so everyone on our team is properly informed and able to provide great support.”

Anthony Thomas
General Manager and Co-founder
Featured Case Study

“We hire a lot and have new business cases every week where knowledge needs to be shared in Slack. After thoroughly reviewing the Slack app directory, Guru was the best at allowing us to share and update that knowledge easily and smoothly right in Slack”

Sevak Kulinkian
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