Revenue Empowerment Network

The Revenue Empowerment Network

Guru unifies your collective knowledge, verifies its accuracy, and empowers your revenue teams - Marketing, Sales, Support, and Success. Using AI, Guru suggests relevant knowledge to you in real-time in every application you work in. The more you use Guru, the smarter it gets.

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Unify All Knowledge

Unify all knowledge across your enterprise and connect your teams with Guru

Guru unify
Standard Features
  • Import knowledge from existing wikis and intranets
  • Migrate knowledge from spreadsheets using flat-file uploads
  • Author new knowledge within Guru - text, documents, links, images, and more

The Guru Difference

  • Real-Time Sync Bring into Guru knowledge that is created within Zendesk, Confluence Cloud, and other portals with our real-time sync
  • Native Slack Actions Search and surface all of your knowledge in Slack with one click
  • Knowledge Clipper Copy and paste text from your web browser and instantly create knowledge in Guru
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Verify Accuracy

Ensure that all knowledge is up-to-date and associated with the appropriate subject matter experts

Guru verify
Standard Features
  • Set expiration dates and alerts for expiring knowledge

The Guru Difference

  • Trust Status Give your teams confidence they are using accurate knowledge
  • Trust Score Get a company-wide view of the health of your knowledge
  • Verification Table Surface the most popular knowledge and prioritize updates
  • Slack Notifications Get notified in Slack when knowledge is about to expire
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Empower Revenue Teams

Empower your marketing, sales, success, and support teams with trusted knowledge when and where they need it most

Guru empower
Standard Features
  • Basic browser extension that links users back to the web application
  • Basic usage analytics on number of views and downloads

The Guru Difference

  • Dynamic Browser Extension Purpose built for marketing, sales, support, and success teams
  • Slack Actions Available in CRMs, chat tools, ticketing systems, Slack, and everywhere else you work
  • Business Impact Analytics Understand how Guru impacts business outcomes such as new bookings, upsells, and CSAT
  • AI Suggest Text Let Guru suggest knowledge to you in real-time in chat tools, ticketing systems, or email clients - no need to search
  • AI Suggest Voice Let Guru suggest knowledge to you in real-time based on what it hears in your phone conversations and conference calls - no need to search
  • AI Suggest Experts Let Guru suggest subject matter experts based on the context of your questions - no need to search
  • Knowledge Triggers Map knowledge to specific fields on any webpage so that knowledge can find your teams in-context without the need to search
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