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Your company's external brain

Guru is a knowledge network that unifies your company's collective knowledge and content into a single source of truth. With Guru, you don't just manage your knowledge, you build an active network out of your company's collective intelligence.

Guru for org-Wide
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Because of Guru, our entire company is aligned - across the globe. We've reduced repeat questions - and I can finally stop answering emails at 10pm every night

– Joe Gaspard, Head of Content at Yext

Establish a single source of truth

Reduce shoulder taps by keeping pace with change and ensuring consistency, confidence, and trust in the knowledge your organization shares. With Guru, your knowledge is always trusted, up-to-date, and accurate.
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Before Guru, our knowledge base simply wasn't up to date - and most of the teams wouldn't even bother. It isn't that they didn't care, it felt overwhelming to just find content. What really made Guru stand out to me was the ability to take that knowledge everywhere - put it into Slack - put it in the extension that followed me around the web. The ability to consume knowledge was much higher than any other product I had evaluated or used.

– Ben MacAskill, Chief Operating Officer at SmugMug

Ensure alignment

Build a strong culture and organization by ensuring that all teams have access to a common base of tribal knowledge and content.
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Work smarter, together

Unify your knowledge across all of your enterprise applications, ensuring everyone has access to the knowledge and expertise they need to do their job. From Slack, to CRM, to email clients and phone conversations, Guru augments every team's workflow.
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