Trusted Advisors, not Ticket Chasers

Guru delivers trusted, accurate knowledge to your CSMs instantly. Respond rapidly to customers, drive upsell and cross-sell revenue, and empower your success team.

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AI-Driven Revenue Empowerment

A knowledgeable CSM is a more valuable one. With Guru, Success teams have all of their collective knowledge at their fingertips, so they can stop wasting time looking for knowledge and instead focus on created amazing experiences for their customers.

Analytics to inform your content strategy

Meet Your Customers Where They Work

Your customers can ask questions across many channels - email, ticketing, chat, etc. No matter where you work, Guru’s got your back.

Content for reps
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Your Team's Collective Intelligence

With internal Q&A that lives in the browser and Slack, Guru can capture expertise from across your entire company and put it to work for your Customer Success team.

Predictively surface relevant content

Always Up-To-Date and Trusted

There’s nothing worse than giving a customer an inaccurate answer. That’s why we’ve built Guru from the ground up to keep knowledge up-to-date and trusted.

Reduce shoulder taps

Content Sync

Sync content from external content sources and Guru will start making recommendations day one.

Simple searchable and scalable
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