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Transform your CSMs from ticket chasers to trusted advisors

Unify the knowledge your CSMs need across silos and drive adoption with contextual knowledge. Your CSMs will get knowledge they don't even know they need.

Guru for success
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Our knowledge lives in Guru and we use Guru's Slack bot to propagate it to the right people at the right time, which in turn supports Gainsight usage. End users can also easily search Guru directly for knowledge. As a result, we're seeing 4X increase in Slack channel members, and 64% increase in Gainsight weekly active users.

– Eraj Siddiqui, Director, Customer Success Operations at Autodesk

Build trust with confident, empowered CSMs

With Guru, all the knowledge you need to empower your customers is at your fingertips. With workflows to keep knowledge up-to-date and trusted, your CSMs will have the autonomy and confidence to earn 'trusted advisor status' from day one.
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Meet your customers where they work

Arm your Customer Success team with the knowledge they need across any channel - email, ticketing, chat and on the phone. Your CSMs will go from "let me get back to you," to "here's the answer."
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Onboard new CSMs rapidly

Reduce onboarding time by up to 75%. With Guru, new CSMs can start working with customers on day one.
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