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Integrate your analytics

Pull Guru analytics into your existing analytics tool for a holistic view into all of the data your team needs in measuring your organization’s business objectives and outcomes.

Looker uses Guru’s API to combine Guru metrics with their other business metrics in Looker to assess the impact of their knowledge.

Learn more about integrating analytics

Unify external knowledge

Sync existing knowledge from external sources directly into Guru to create a unified search experience for your team.

TAIT built a sync that populates new knowledge from GitHub into Guru Cards to keep users updated on new releases.

Learn more about syncing internal knowledge

Automate new Card creation

Provide a single destination for your Guru customers to access your knowledge by pushing new information into Guru Cards.

Iorad automatically generates a Guru Card for any new guide created to help their Guru customers access all knowledge in one place via the Guru API.

Learn more about automating new card creation

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