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Considering switching to Guru? Compare how your current enterprise search, intranet, or wiki solutions stack up and see how Guru puts you in control of your company's knowledge.
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Powering up from Notion to Guru means that your company's knowledge grows when you do, giving you flexibility, authority, and scalability, all in one package.


When you trade SharePoint's complex and technical setup for Guru, you get a collaboration platform everyone can understand.


Switch from Doc360 to Guru to give your company instant AI-powered answers to every question, every time, everywhere you need them.


Get Guru and go beyond Tettra's wiki solution for Slack and get a platform everywhere your knowledge truly lives and works where you do.


Upgrading from Bloomfire to Guru gives you a totally reimagined knowledge management solution that actively keeps your knowledge in check so it can be trusted.


Switch from Simpplr to Guru to give your company the most collaborative, powerful, in-workflow AI-powered intranet solution for employee engagement and knowledge sharing.


Get way more for way less when you choose Guru over Glean. Start with industry-leading, AI-powered enterprise search, add verification to create a single source of truth, and get instant answers everyone can actually trust—everywhere you need them


Switch from ClickUp to Guru for true knowledge management. Guru organizes, delivers, and keeps critical knowledge fresh so teams can work faster and more productively.


Switch from Confluence to Guru to get in-workflow knowledge management, where knowledge can find you when and where you need it.