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What is Guru?

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Guru is an enterprise AI search and knowledge platform that delivers trusted information from your company’s scattered apps, chats, and docs–directly in your workflow.

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Guru is the AI-powered solution that gives teams a single source of truth for company information so that they can do their best work. With Guru, employees can access trusted information directly in their workflow, allowing them to end context-switching, break down silos, and unlock new levels of productivity. Guru's cutting-edge AI capabilities and automated workflows make the task of managing knowledge easy and effortless, no matter how complex an organization is. Users can find answers to their questions instantly, capture and verify information easily, and improve knowledge continually. Guru is used by over 2,500 companies including Generac, Shopify, and Spotify. It has raised $70M in funding and is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Learn more at

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PHILADELPHIA, PA — Guru, the AI-powered solution that gives teams instant access to trusted information directly in their workflow, announced today…

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