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Guru is a knowledge management solution that deliverseverything you need. Spend less time searching & more time doing whatever it was you were actually hired to do.
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Knowledge management software for the future of work


Captures info

Guru captures your team's most valuable information and organizes it into a single source of truth.


Transforms it into knowledge

Information becomes something much more powerful when it's verified by your experts, iterative, trackable, and effortlessly accessible. That's knowledge.


Delivers it when you need it

Never again leave your workflow to find what you need. With Guru's AI technology, the knowledge you need finds you as you're working. Freeing you up to focus on what you do best. Think of Guru like a trusty sidekick—but with slightly less spandex.

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Works with the tools and software you’re already using

Your team works in a bunch of different apps, so Guru does too. See how Guru makes the tools you’re using even more amazing.
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A knowledge solution in a fraction of the time

Starting from scratch can be really rewarding—in some cases 🍪. But when you’re implementing a knowledge management solution, it’s probably a good idea to start with one of our frameworks. Browse the library of frameworks to get started.

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