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Without leaving the tab or chat you’re working in, ask a natural language question. Guru’s AI understands what information will be relevant to you based on context like role, location, past activity, and current focus, and delivers it to you right where you are.

Unblock knowledge, unlock productivity

Eliminate time-wasting knowledge silos and shoulder taps. Guru’s AI handles the heavy lifting so humans can use their talents for the high-value work that drives your business forward.

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The people have spoken

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“Guru is a game-changer for every employee in every department. Everyone has questions that arise during the day and asking those questions takes others away from their job and out of their flow. When every question has an answer in Guru it increases productivity.”

VP of Sales

E-Learning Technology |  11-50 employees

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“I love that it empowers employees to figure out questions, as well as make it easy to fill gaps where questions are still being asked.”

Compliance Manager

Consumer Services

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"The onboarding is easy to allow new staff to find all the company knowldge that they need. It is easier than hiring an admin role because Guru takes over all the paperwork."

Subject Matter Expert

Education  |  1001-5000 employees

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“Google Docs is very limited and truly a nightmare to locate information once it’s been lost in the Google Doc abyss. Guru has helped us not only find our lost data, but make sure the data is up to date and helpful for our respective teams.”

Support Manager

FinTech  |  50-200 employees

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“It makes creating, sharing, and organizing documentation easy. This is important for building redudancy within a team so that when one member is out another member can cover using the Guru cards.”

Marketing Operations Manager

Mid-Market  |  51-1000 employees

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“I can't imagine working in my role without Guru, as it is a constant guiding light, especially in a profession like mine where the norms do change and we need to follow the regulations as a regulated bank.”

Customer operations

Banking  |  5001-10,000 employees

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“Our business was streamlined like never before in just 2 months.”

Marketing Manager

Marketing and Advertising

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“Teams I’ve worked with have adopted this quickly and found value in the platform almost immediately.”

VP of Customer Success

Professional Training and Coaching

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“We use Guru to streamline operations and make information handy for our various teams. Prior to Guru, a lot of information and processes were held in someone’s head.”

GM Finance & Accounting

IT services

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“Our business scaled by 2x in the 1st month of Guru subscription because of no hassle and workload confusions.”

Marketing Manager

Marketing and Advertising

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“Guru has become our company’s internal “knowledge hub”. We have folks from all departments using Guru to share teaching materials as well as basic troubleshooting tips and tricks.”


Broadcast Media

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“As an agile startup, we have a lot of processes that change with some frequency, which means that our entire knowledge base needs to be up to date at all times. Guru makes this very easy, particularly with the ability to set verification reminders at custom intervals, and to assign collections, boards, and individual cards to different team members.”

Head of HR

Writing and Editing  |  11-50 employees

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“Guru has a phenomenal integartion section for all my team’s tools. At the click of their mouse, they can get all of the answers to their questions effortlessly, regardless of where they are in the processes.”

Customer Support Manager

Mid-market  |  51-1000 employess

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“It allows our team to communicate company-wide changes.”

Head of HR

Writing and Editing  |  11-50 employees

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