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AI Training Center

Boost accuracy and efficiency with Guru's AI Training Center

We know AI isn’t always right — which is why we built the AI Training Center. Effortlessly see what questions are being asked, which sources are being used most frequently, edit answers or add additional context, and proactively fill gaps in company knowledge.
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Improve future answers

Edited Answers are used for future semantically similar questions, improving accuracy across teams.

Easily leverage experts for accuracy

Actively engage subject matter experts to verify AI-sourced information, keeping your content current and capturing insights directly from the most knowledgeable sources.

Refine answers at scale

Efficiently manage AI responses by reviewing and editing source materials directly, allowing for bulk corrections across multiple answers tied to a single source, rather than addressing each question individually.

What is the AI Training Center?

The AI Training Center is a hub where users can manage AI-generated answers in real-time. It allows for easy review, editing, and assignment of answers to experts, ensuring content accuracy and relevance as employees ask questions.

How does the AI Training Center work?

Users can manage questions in the AI Training Center by sorting them based on popularity or status, such as not answered, flagged, or marked correct. Upon selecting a question, they can review the given answer and its sources, update the question's status, assign it to an expert, and edit the answer’s sources to automatically generate an updated answer.

How can I use the AI Training Center to revise answers at scale?

To streamline the review process, use the "sources" view to identify which specific sources are used for various questions and see the corresponding answers. If a source contains an error or needs additional context, users can update source. This ensures more accurate responses for all questions referencing that source, eliminating the need to manually update each individual answer.

How do I get to the AI Training Center?

The AI Training Center can be accessed in your Dashboard under the “AI Training Center” tab in the side menu.

Why do I need the AI Training Center?

Guru’s AI Training Center offers a unique advantage by enabling users to actively engage in the review and improvement of AI-generated answers. What sets Guru apart is the ability for experts within an organization to verify and update answers and sources, ensuring greater accuracy and relevance in the information provided. This feature fosters trust in the AI's output and gives admins control over content quality, making it a standout feature for enhancing knowledge management and improving AI performance over time​​. Plus, a customizable Answers Digest delivers regular insights on how your authored content is being utilized to address employee questions.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of machine learning and the technology powering our AI tools, outputs may occasionally be inaccurate.
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