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Guru brings your software documentation, security policies, and product insights together by combining Enterprise AI search, intranet, and wiki—giving engineers, analysts, and product managers fast and trusted access to what they need daily while providing insights to optimize velocity and security.

With Guru, technical teams get a single, trusted platform to centralize development processes, response plans, and customer research—enabling employees to self-serve information and work smarter.

Key capabilities for technology

AI-powered answers in your workflow

Guru surfaces critical data and insights to your team in existing workflows, accelerating customs clearance, route optimization, contracting, and more–eliminating search across systems and providing verified information the moment it matters.

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reduction in noisy internal chat channels using Answers
time-saved using Answers compared to conventional search

An intelligent intranet portal

Align product, engineering, and analytics teams with an AI-powered intranet hub for product requirements, research findings, roadmap plans and more.

Secure automation and developer guardrails for reliable code

Guru uses smart automation to draft documentation and identify knowledge gaps and duplicate content, then taps into your subject matter experts to verify accuracy, leveraging both AI and your experts to maintain a trusted, single source of truth.

Get instant AI Answers from your content

An intuitive AI-powered engine that swiftly finds answers in your databases and systems, delivering developers the precise technical information they need in real-time.

Keep tabs on what your team is searching for with expert review

Guru shows admins the questions employees are searching for that produced no results, making it easy to identify and fill knowledge gaps.

Write like a pro with AI-powered content assist

Your very own writing assistant, powered by generative AI. Assist makes creating and editing technical guides, release notes, and project summaries fast and simple.

Add trust to your company knowledge with verification

Good information is like a good friend: you know you can trust it. Guru's layer of verification ensures code solutions engineers can trust, with automated checks for accuracy and reminders to update deprecated code.

Proactively push relevant info where it’s needed with knowledge triggers

Using specific keywords, triggers push information to your team based on set parameters directly in the environment they need it.

Send critical updates that can’t be missed with announcements

Push timely information to teams, individuals, or everyone at your company and know when they've read it with a personalized, AI-powered homepage customized for every employee.
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Unlock potential across your technology roles


Software Engineers

  • Access accurate technical documentation and code snippets in their workflow to build efficiently and securely
  • Visibility into team expertise increases collaboration across global engineering teams
  • Accelerate onboarding through easy access to programming languages, systems, and processes

IT Managers

  • Centralized knowledge base to manage infrastructure policies, procedures, and guidelines
  • Ability to track content accuracy ensures systems remain available and effective

Cybersecurity Analysts

  • Centralized access to latest threat intelligence, security policies, and response plans
  • Proactive risk mitigation through access to early warning signs

Product Managers

  • Align global product teams with access to market research, product roadmaps, and product requirements all in one place
  • Faster time-to-market by giving the team access to launch processes and guidelines