Knowledge management for sales enablement

Give future customers exactly what they need at every part of their journey. Real-time knowledge management shortens sales cycles, keeps up with a fast-paced product, and turns prospects into happy customers by giving your sales reps unfathomable know-how.
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Empower your sales team

Guru gives your sales reps exactly what they need to drive conversations, answer questions, and close deals—wherever they're already working. In Salesforce, on phone calls, and everywhere in between. Empower your sales team with knowledge—blessed by your experts, delivered to your reps within their workflow.
"Before Guru, it took a lot of time to locate content we already had. If I needed information for a prospect, I’d spend so much time looking through emails, Google Drive, and Slack, that eventually I would just use whatever I had on hand."
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Alec Rogers, Business Development
"With Guru, if I’m responding to a prospect’s email, I can find a relevant testimonial or other resource in Guru within seconds, without even leaving my inbox."
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Alec Rogers, Business Development
"I can’t remember the last time someone has asked me where something is."
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Ben Gibson, Director of Revenue Operations & Productivity
"Guru enables us to share knowledge across multiple teams quickly and seamlessly. As well as trusting that the information that surfaces is current and verified by the people who own it."
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Ron Urbanski, Senior Manager North America Dell Tech Field Alliances

Sales enablement that feels empowering

It’s easy to see which knowledge is resonating with sales reps, which is resonating with prospects, and who on your team is studying up. Understand what’s working for your sales team now so you can build for the future.
"With Guru, in a matter of seconds - answer questions that would otherwise slow down my sales process. I pride myself on being hyper-responsive to my client's needs and I don't know of another piece of technology our company uses that so directly enables me to do so."
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James Texiera, Account Executive
"When I asked my sales reps ‘Does Guru make you better at your job every day?' Across the board, they scored Guru 4s and 5s out of 5. Every single person on the sales team said ‘this makes me more confident in my day job.'"
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Chad Trabucco, Head of Sales Enablement
"We play in a very competitive market where things move very quickly and speed is of the essence. Guru helps our sales team set the pace by giving them access to all the information they need right at their fingertips. This allows them to have fluid and valuable conversations with our prospects that drive revenue."
Sean Murray, Chief Revenue Officer
"Guru has given me the confidence in speaking with prospects knowing that the answers to the questions they are asking are readily available to me."
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Katie Libby, Account Executive
"Guru has given me the confidence in speaking with prospects knowing that the answers to the questions they are asking are readily available to me."
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Katie Libby, Account Executive

Conversations that close sales deals

Real time knowledge gives your reps the ability to abolish the phrase "I'll get back to you with that" from their sales script. Your future customers will get all the information they need to make decisions via conversations with your sales team, not an inbox full of PDFs.
"Guru makes it incredibly easy to find relevant information, and this improved the quality and speed of client interaction. As you know, the main reason people buy is their sales experience (not price, not product): whether the client learned something valuable from the salesperson; responsiveness; quality and speed of interaction."
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Nick S., Sales Enablement Leader
"I was onsite with a customer yesterday and used it mid-conversation. I clicked a button and boom, the answer was right there. The thing I like most is Guru is capitalizing on the overwhelming need for sales reps to have answers RIGHT NOW."
James Texeira, Account Executive
"Guru has impacted my sales process dramatically, especially in reducing the time it takes to close deals. It helps me be the first one to answer my prospects’ questions, with such a level of thought leadership, which gains their trust and results in more won deals."
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Jai Cheema, Senior Account Executive
"Sales cycles move forward faster because I have quick access to resources that I need with Guru."
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Johnny Rabe, Strategic Account Director

Successful sales enablement

These numbers don't lie.
increase in Average Contract Value
reduction in sales team new hire ramp time 
point increase in internal tool CSAT
reduction in time spent searching for sales knowledge

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