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Guru brings your route guides, fleet manuals, customs forms, and more together by combining enterprise AI search, intranet, and wiki—giving logistics analysts, fleet managers, airline staff, and import/export specialists fast, trusted access to what they need daily while providing insights to optimize deliveries.

With Guru, transportation teams get a single trusted platform to centralize shipment details, vehicle specs, and route data—enabling employees to self-serve information and work smarter.

Key capabilities for transportation and logistics

Instant, trusted AI answers to vehicle, route, and cargo questions

Logistics staff get quality guidance the moment they need it, reducing interruptions and expediting delivery. Answers are sourced from connected apps and surfaced directly in your workflows and tools you use daily so the knowledge you need is always at your fingertips.

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Central repository for specs, customs forms and more

Consolidate evolving transportation plans, vehicle specs, and trade regulations in one up-to-date platform teams can rely on.

Secure automation and logistics precision for delivery excellence

Guru uses smart automation to draft docs and identify gaps and duplicate content—then taps your top experts to verify accuracy, maintaining a trusted single source of truth.

Get instant AI Answers from your content

An intuitive AI-powered engine that swiftly navigates your company's information and tools, delivering trusted and precise information when you need it.

Keep tabs on what your team is searching for with expert review

Guru shows admins the questions employees are searching for that produced no results, making it easy to identify and fill gaps in company and industry knowledge.

Write like a pro with AI-powered content assist

Your very own writing assistant, powered by generative AI. Assist makes creating, translating, and improving everything from logistics plans to inventory reports quick and easy.

Add trust to your company knowledge with verification

Good information is like a good friend: you know you can trust it. Guru's layer of verification ensures information is accurate, and automated reminders keep content up to date.

Proactively push relevant info where it’s needed with knowledge triggers

Using specific keywords, triggers push information to your team based on set parameters directly in the environment they need it.

Send critical updates that can’t be missed with announcements

Push timely information to teams, individuals, or everyone at your company and know when they've read it with a personalized, AI-powered homepage customized for every employee.
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Unlock potential across transportation and logistics roles


Logistics Analysts

  • Optimize networks faster with TMS integration
  • Improve delivery times using carrier performance trends
  • Adjust routes quicker in response to bottlenecks

Fleet Managers

  • Reduce maintenance costs with PM optimization insights
  • Minimize fleet downtimes by identifying common failure points
  • Keep technicians productive using self-serve repair references

Import/Export Specialists

  • Accelerate customs clearance by applying proven strategies
  • Confidently classify goods with trusted content on-hand
  • Overcome language barriers using auto-translate