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Leverage all of your company’s content directly within ChatGPT

Guru GPT allows ChatGPT to search through your connected apps, chats, and docs, combining internal and external information in one conversational interface. Ask follow-up questions, explore your company's knowledge, and easily store content within Guru for future use.
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Access internal content alongside external information

Seamlessly access both internal company information and internet-sourced data, ensuring comprehensive answers from either your company's verified sources or the web.

Engage with your company’s content

Guru GPT enables interactive exploration of your company's knowledge, offering plain-language responses with cited sources and allowing follow-up questions, creating a dynamic conversation rather than static answers.

Get answers right in your workflow

Reduce the time spent switching contexts and digging for information by delivering relevant company information directly in ChatGPT conversations.

What is Guru GPT?

Guru GPT is a ChatGPT app that allows ChatGPT to search across your connected apps, docs, and chats without having to leave ChatGPT. Guru GPT can also save content within Guru directly from outputs in ChatGPT conversations for future reference. This integration allows you to enhance everything ChatGPT has access to with your company's collective knowledge in an intuitive manner.

Guru GPT searches across all the content that the specific user has access to. It returns the most relevant pieces of content to generate a plain-language response. Then, users can prompt Guru GPT to create a new Guru Card from that AI-generated output, making company knowledge more accessible for anyone accessing it in the future.

How does Guru GPT know what content to use?

Guru GPT only searches content that the specific user has access to through Guru, ensuring that it only references documents and information the user is authorized to access.

Does OpenAI retain or use Guru GPT data to train its models?

Each tier of ChatGPT offers a different level of data retention and training customization. Retention and training preferences align with your plan selection from ChatGPT, which are all listed on OpenAI.

How do I set up Guru GPT?

Follow this Help Center article to set up Guru GPT. You must have an active Guru workspace to use Guru GPT.

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