Guru for Good

We’re here to help. That’s why we’re making Guru free for schools, organizations, and nonprofits supporting COVID-19 relief efforts and the fight against racial injustice.

Guru for Good is a Give First initiative that offers Guru at a reduced cost to eligible organizations. Currently, we’re making Guru completely free for the following teams:

  • K-12 schools operating during the pandemic
  • Healthcare organizations working on vaccine testing or serving patients
  • Nonprofits supporting those impacted by COVID-19
  • Nonprofits engaged in anti-racism and racial justice efforts

See our eligibility requirements here, and fill out the form below if you’re eligible.

If your nonprofit organization doesn't fit into the categories above but still meets our other eligibility requirements, use the form below to apply for a Guru for Good discount (first 20 users free, 30% off for additional users).

Please include how you meet the eligibility requirements

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