Introducing the Knowledge Network

Last verified Apr 28, 2022

At Guru, we’re on a mission to bring you the knowledge you need to do your job. We observed early on that legacy knowledge management tools weren’t supporting the way modern teams work. Today, particularly the customer facing teams (sales, success, and support), need access to knowledge across a variety of web-based apps and communication hubs. Speed, relevance, and accuracy directly impact revenue.

“Guru is a must-have solution for our advisors that empowers our support and success teams to provide great service to our customers. Guru brings together all the knowledge that our advisors need and gives it to them where they are already working, across all of our support channels. This ensures we provide fast, accurate and consistent answers to our customers every time.”

- Mark Cohen, Senior Director of Global Customer Care at Spotify

We believe the next generation of problems solved will empower humans -- and that AI will play a critical role in not automating jobs away, but amplifying humans’ ability to do their jobs better. Today, we’re launching a suite of new capabilities to help the Revenue Team work faster, sell smarter, and create memorable customer experiences that drive upsells and renewals. These capabilities have been built from the ground up to not only help you work with customers better, but one another, too.

All roads lead to revenue

Sales, support, and success have historically been siloed departments with misaligned goals. Hive-mind knowledge stays in these silos, and when customers come to us with questions they need to hope they are asking the right questions to the right people. Often times that’s not the case, the customer experience suffers, and revenue is impacted (net new, retention and expansion).

But worlds are converging as customer needs are evolving. Customers are coming to us in a sales process with technical, nuanced questions about our product. They write into support asking about free plan upgrades. At the heart of this convergence is the knowledge these teams need to deliver a consistent and fluid customer experience that drives revenue. The quote below demonstrates how Intercom's knowledge base with Guru resulted in personalized customer experiences:

“At Intercom, we’re growing fast, selling and supporting a number of products into a number of different verticals to increasingly larger and larger customers. This results in a daunting amount of information and knowledge to organize. Guru helps our sales and support teams quickly access this knowledge and empowers our entire revenue team to deliver amazing, personalized, and consistent experiences to our customers at every stage of the customer journey.”

- Tom Foley, Associate Manager, Sales and Customer Support Enablement

It’s time to galvanize the customer facing teams around the output of a great customer experience - revenue. See how the Shopify online support team became empowered to drive revenue and differentiate themselves amongst competitors.

When’s the last time you felt “Enabled” to do your job?

Have you ever noticed how people in enablement functions describe their jobs as empowering others to do theirs? Yet the tools they have to support their efforts are accurately described as “enablement”. Why? Because most enablement tools require admins to throw a bunch of things against a wall and hope something sticks. Even if something does, businesses, processes, tools and knowledge change so quickly that you shortly have to start from scratch.

Searching for the right answer, document, or subject matter expert diminishes our ability to do good work. Guru uses AI to make humans better at their jobs, not automate customer conversations. By bringing you the knowledge you need to be successful right where you’re working, we aim to empower you to stop hunting down information and instead focus on what you do best.

The Network Effect

Platforms are built to support silos - they are trains connecting us from one place to another. They work in one ecosystem of SaaS applications to solve one specific problem for one audience of users.

"What sold me on Guru was how it's embedded into a support agent's workflow. Unlike our previous solution, our agents don’t have to switch tabs or go anywhere to find the information they need."

-Dana Tessier, Director of Knowledge Management, Shopify

Guru’s knowledge network augments every imaginable web-based workflow. Whether a support engineer is working in Jira, a CSM is in Slack, or a Sales rep is Salesforce, Guru connects all of those teams with not only knowledge, but one another. Doing so allows Guru to amplify the collective intelligence of your entire Revenue team and destroy hive-mind knowledge that historically stays siloed in the apps and minds of respective teams.

AI Suggest: Verified, up-to-date knowledge that finds you where you work

AI Suggest serves up the right knowledge to users when they need it, right inside the apps they use every day, eliminating the need to search all together. AI Suggest also improves over time as it understands an individual user’s patterns, an organization’s patterns, and the global community’s usage patterns, making every piece of knowledge served across Guru’s network more relevant and useful every day.


AI Suggest automatically surfacing knowledge in-context

Content Sync

Guru customers unify all other stores of siloed knowledge inside Guru. Whether knowledge is created within Guru, or held in a wiki, employee intranet, or web-based application, users can seamlessly sync their organization’s existing internal and external knowledge bases. All knowledge now becomes easily accessible, allowing teams to stop wasting time and instead focus on creating delightful customer experiences.

Impact Analytics

Impact Analytics gives teams insights as to where your team's knowledge is being leveraged and how this knowledge affects your team's performance/metrics. By understanding which channels/applications Guru is used, a team can better optimize their knowledge base to empower reps with better information for their most-used workflows.

Most importantly, with Impact Analytics, Guru stakeholders can understand how frequently Guru is used to answer customer questions and thus how much it is helping their team perform and save time.


Looking forward

At Guru, AI isn’t a feature or a layer; it’s core to everything we do. From recommending related content, to intelligent search, to AI Suggest, Guru amplifies the collective knowledge of your team with a single goal in mind: to drive revenue. Moving forward, we’ll be releasing AI-driven expert identification, deepening our content sync capabilities, and continuing to empower your Revenue Team to create amazing experiences for your customer.

We believe in AI’s ability to make us better at our jobs, and have committed to relentlessly and tirelessly finding ways to put your company's knowledge to work for your Revenue Team.