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Guru AI Intranet

A home base for your whole team, powered by AI

Need an intranet? Get Guru — an AI-powered enterprise search tool that connects to your apps, chats, and docs to give instant answers while effortlessly centralizing that collective knowledge into a trusted, customizable home base for your whole company to use.

Guru is trusted by the world’s most efficient companies

Get answers from anywhere

Find answers to every question faster with Guru’s enterprise AI search.

No context switching

Keep people in their workflows and integrate with the tools you already use.

Centralized info

A home base for your team, powered by AI and customizable content

Keep everyone, everywhere connected to the right information

Take your AI intranet with you

Guru connects to all the apps, chats, and docs your team already uses. Ask a question where you’re working and get AI-powered, plain-language answers sourced from your tools without changing tabs or leaving a conversation. Then, effortlessly store that information from chat threads in Guru and let Guru automatically clean it up, so your team can access that information later.

Scale—and personalize—the digital workplace

Customize the Guru homepage to give everyone a branded experience, highlight important reads, and seamlessly track engagement on company- or team-wide announcements. Show everyone knowledge recommended specifically for them based on what they read and search for to create a continuous learning culture.

Easily connect all of your information

Not only can Guru’s AI search for answers across all connected sources (such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Salesforce Knowledge), it’s simple and fast to embed dynamic content like videos, decks, and lessons into Guru for easily access. Integrate your org chart and employee profiles with our HRIS syncs and supercharge your processes by connecting any other tool you already use.

The people have spoken

Guru is the leading knowledge solution for companies of every size.

Transform how information flows at your company with Guru’s intranet


Send critical updates to your team right where they’re working

Use announcements to push can’t-miss information to teams, individuals, or even everyone at your company—while also making sure it’s both read and understood.

Enterprise-grade governance

Everything you need to keep your company’s knowledge safe, including permissions, revision history, admin-only controls, announcement tracking, and HRIS syncs.


Enterprise AI search

Looking for answers? Just ask. Guru uses generative AI to deliver trusted, accurate information with sources.

Automated in-context knowledge

Information appears like a bolt of lighting when you configure Guru to deliver specific knowledge when viewing any webpage.


Push timely information to teams, individuals, or everyone at your company and be sure they've read and understood it.

Enhanced connections

Not only can employees visualize the structure of your org, learn about each other via profiles, and make new connections, but Guru can also recommend the right experts for every answer. 

Personalized dashboard

A homepage for every employee: important announcements front and center and personalized, AI-suggested content for each user.

Duplicate Detection

Keep your intranet pristine with intelligent duplicate detection. Guru identifies redundant content so you don't have to.
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