Guru: 3x the value of Glean at half the price

Get way more for way less when you choose Guru over Glean. Start with industry-leading, AI-powered enterprise search, add verification to create a single source of truth, and get instant answers everyone can actually trust—everywhere you need them.

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Enterprise AI search, wiki, and intranet in one platform

Superior semantic search

Secure, AI-powered search from Guru with fast setup and faster answers.

Advanced controls and customized access

Guru's permissioning levels make it easy to control who can create, edit, or view content.

"For me, the biggest win with Answers is not just that it gives you a fast response, but that the information is more accessible. As a content creator, it’s challenging to predict the keywords people will use to search for information. Answers gives agents the flexibility to phrase a question in whatever way their brain works while still receiving a consistent and accurate answer."

AI-powered search

Advanced AI- and ML-powered search that will make you say OMG. The best part? The more you use it, the more it learns and improves.


Good information is like a good friend: you know you can trust it. Guru's automated reminders help SMEs keep content fresh.

AI-powered answers

Looking for answers? Just ask. Guru uses generative AI to deliver trusted, accurate information with sources.

Automated in-context knowledge

Information appears like a bolt of lightning when you configure Guru to deliver specific knowledge when viewing any webpage.

AI-powered content suggestions

Using advanced AI, Guru serves useful information to each employee based on what they're working on.


Get powerful insights into how your teams use content, what they're searching for, and how it's impacting performance.
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