NexHealth’s knowledge revolution: How AI-driven search transformed their support operations

How to transform support operations and enhance productivity using AI-driven search across multiple platforms.

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NexHealth, founded in 2017, is a healthcare technology company focused on accelerating innovation by connecting patients, doctors, and developers. Their platform serves over 75,000 healthcare providers, 30 million patients, and hundreds of healthtech developers, offering tools for online scheduling, digital forms, messaging, reviews, and more. NexHealth's mission is to enhance patient experiences and streamline healthcare operations through advanced integration with various Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and other healthtech solutions​.

The problem

NexHealth faced significant hurdles managing their knowledge base. The team struggled to efficiently access accurate information across their various systems, leading to operational inefficiencies and inconsistent support experiences.

The solution

NexHealth initially implemented Guru to streamline their knowledge management in 2020, using Guru as a traditional knowledge base.  Now with the recent introduction of Guru’s AI-driven search with answer generation, which seamlessly integrates with Slack, Guru provides quick, reliable information to questions in Slack without the need for any change in user behavior.  By adding Guru to Slack channels with high Q&A, the NexHealth team can now 

The approach

Implementation and integration

Initial setup

NexHealth utilized Guru’s Chrome extension for easy information access. Karen, CS Learning & Enablement Lead at NexHealth, recalls, “We relied heavily on the Chrome extension to pull up answers as needed, especially when training customers.”

AI-driven answers

They leveraged Guru’s AI capabilities to provide automatic answers in Slack. “The AI features were a game-changer,” Karen noted. “Having answers right in Slack was a huge time-saver.”

Broadened source scope

Recently, they connected Guru to JIRA and Asana, aiming to extend its reach despite initial concerns about data relevance. “We want to broaden Guru’s view to include more resources, but want to ensure they are accurate, so it has been a work in progress,” Karen explained.

Training and enablement

Structured onboarding

The team ensured content was accurate and up-to-date through methodical verification. “Staying on top of verification is crucial,” Karen emphasized. “It’s a job, but it’s 100% worth it.”

Continuous learning

Weekly product updates are created as Guru Cards and those cards are integrated into Lessonly, reinforcing knowledge retention. “We keep changes front and center with weekly update quizzes,” said Karen.

Behavioral shifts

Promoting self-service

NexHealth encouraged teams to use Guru for answers, fostering independence and reducing redundant queries. “Guru helped us drive the behavior of curiosity and investigation because, if you always tell someone the answer, they're never going to learn it because it's faster to ask you than to go find it. But if you go find it once or twice, you'll remember it because you had to go looking. Guru is a really useful way to do that quickly,” Karen stated.

Encouraging feedback

The team utilized user feedback in the AI Training Center to continuously improve the accuracy of AI-generated answers. “I always tell people to thumb up or down the answers to help us improve,” Karen mentioned.

The outcome

NexHealth experienced notable improvements in their support operations:

  1. Enhanced productivity: AI-driven answers in Slack reduced time spent searching for information, allowing the team to focus on core tasks. “It’s way faster than typing the answer or telling someone where to find the information,” Karen observed.
  2. Improved training and support: Weekly updates and quizzes ensured teams stayed informed about product changes, enhancing support quality. “Having the Guru cards in front of people every week keeps the information top of mind,” Karen added.
  3. Data-driven decisions: Analytics from Guru highlighted frequently accessed information, informing training needs and content updates. “The data helped us identify areas needing more training,” Karen explained.
  4. Scalability: The organized knowledge base supported NexHealth’s growth, enabling new hires to quickly become proficient. “If I can enable my team to find accurate information quickly, they’re better at their jobs,” Karen noted.


Guru’s implementation at NexHealth revolutionized their team’s search experience and overall knowledge management, making information more accessible and improving operational efficiency. The AI-driven features and seamless integrations have empowered NexHealth to provide better customer support, fostering a culture of self-service and continuous improvement.

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June 28, 2024
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