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Replace your wiki with an AI-powered knowledge platform

Guru takes your company’s collective knowledge and utilizes AI to create a reliable single source of truth and proactively pushes relevant and timely information to your team right within their workflows.

Find everything faster with Guru

Works where you do

Guru connects to all the tools you’re already using, so accessing and capturing information from anywhere is a breeze.

Automated clean-up

Schedule periodic verification and archiving to maintain an accurate knowledge base.

Scales info globally

Translate knowledge into hundreds of languages with the click of a button.

Simplify your processes with integrated knowledge management and insights

Instant answers

Next-generation, natural language processing search combs through your knowledge base and connected external tools and apps to generate complete, correct answers to complex questions. Guru lets you take enterprise search a step further by storing that verified knowledge for future ease of use.

Collaborative editing & flexible drafting

Create and update information in real-time with stakeholders, then use built-in AI to automatically remove jargon, condense long articles, and improve content in seconds.

Enterprise-grade governance

Everything you need to keep your company’s knowledge safe, including permissions, revision history, and admin-only controls. Use with Guru’s intranet solution for even more data, including announcement tracking and HRIS syncs.

The people have spoken

Guru is the leading knowledge solution for companies of every size.

Get the intuitive, reliable source of truth your team won’t want to stop using


Automated, in-context knowledge

Guru can instantly display relevant information for every web app your team uses, and serves up AI-powered answers on any site—or right in your chat app.

Fast, comprehensive analytics

Get insights into team content usage and performance impact, and maintain a clean knowledge base with intelligent duplicate detection.



Good information is like a good friend: you know you can trust it. Guru's automated reminders help SMEs keep content fresh.

Content recommendations

Know what you don't know: Guru uses AI to show useful content to each employee based on their activity.

AI-recommended experts

Not sure who to ask? Guru identifies the right experts on your teams to answer questions and verify content is correct.

Enterprise AI search

Say goodbye to searching through docs or scrolling through endless results. Our AI-powered Answers product gives you the information you need directly.

ID & capture Slack content

Conversations = content. Guru's AI combs designated Slack channels and identifies popular topics to add to your intranet.

Embedded content

Copy and paste? Cut that out. Easily embed docs, spreadsheets, videos, and more into Guru.
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