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AI enterprise search—instant answers from your existing sources

Guru  connects your existing documents, data, and conversations into one powerful search engine. Get the instant answers you need where you already work.

Find everything faster with Guru


Our secure AI-powered search is designed to give you the most accurate information

Natural language answers

Get definitive answers for your queries instead of more docs and search results

Optimized for your workflow

Access information in your preferred work environment

Elevate efficiency and boost productivity with Guru’s enterprise search

Questions in Slack instantly answered

Let Guru listen for questions in your busiest Slack channels and automatically suggest relevant answers from your trusted Guru knowledge and other connected sources.

Semantic search done right

No need to worry about using keywords or exact-match text, our smart enterprise search can understand queries the way any person would.

One search, endless sources

Guru connects with the apps and tools you already use to help you search across multiple sources of information.

Continuous improvement

Our advanced enterprise search enhances results by considering your team's search history to improve relevancy and accuracy.

The people have spoken

See how Guru surfaces useful information and makes our customers more productive.

Search with speed, accuracy, and relevance


Surface knowledge instantly

Take the guesswork out of search and get the information you need within seconds.

Supercharge productivity and efficiency

Spend less time searching for information, and more time doing valuable work with the information Guru finds for you.


Get started quickly

No programming skills needed for this search to work. Connecting your tools is as easy as clicking a button.

Search anywhere

Find the information you need without having to leave Slack, Teams, or your preferred work environment.

Get instant information

Say goodbye to searching docs and scrolling through endless results. Our smart search gives you the answers you need directly.

See behind the scenes

Know what questions people are asking, the answers they’re getting, and the sources used to pull information.

AI-driven search

Our continuously-learning search delivers even more accurate results the more you use it.

Manageable permissions

Have control over which sources people can pull information from.
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