Capture Knowledge From Your Inbox With Guru’s G Suite Add-On

Last verified Apr 26, 2021

The modern inbox is the center of work, containing everything from one-off questions to meeting invitations to team-wide announcements. Being that central hub, however, it’s also become one of the most congested repositories we deal with each day — a congested, yet valuable treasure trove of your company’s knowledge. Contained inside your emails could be everything from the answer to a complicated product question to direct deposit sign-up instructions to a marketing launch announcement — critical knowledge that, in all likelihood, will need to be accessed again, and by many people. Yet more often than not, that information never makes it beyond a few siloed email threads, leading to repeat questions, knowledge gaps, and team-wide confusion. 

Bringing knowledge out of email chains typically requires distinct thoughtfulness and effort from those involved, as they need to 1) recognize that others need access to this information and 2) determine a way to share it out. When this seems burdensome, knowledge never makes it out of those inboxes, and the cycle of lost knowledge continues. But for Guru and Gmail users, that cycle can finally be broken.


Guru's G Suite Add-on

Guru is proud to announce our G Suite Add-on, the latest development in our partnership with Google and integration with the Google ecosystem. G Suite Add-ons provide users with the ability to access their favorite applications right within G Suite, all with a single integration point for places like Gmail, Drive, and more. Guru's first Add-on functionality will help teams collaborate by giving them the ability to capture organic knowledge directly from Gmail, allowing them to seamlessly create cards from email content without leaving their workflow. This allows users to stay focused and efficient while in Gmail, while encouraging real-time capture and sharing of valuable knowledge. 

Guru users are often heavy Google users as well — in fact, we’ve seen that 96% of our web app and extension usage happens in Google Chrome, and for many teams, work happens in G Suite, making the integration of Guru into that workflow critical for companies prioritizing knowledge management. Our collaborative relationship with Google has allowed us to continuously innovate and optimize the Guru experience in their products. We’ve also seen that Gmail is the 4th most popular destination of the thousands of sites over which our extension is used — indicating that for many of our users, email is the primary channel where knowledge is shared, retrieved, and created on a daily basis. For this reason, we’ve focused our initial G Suite Add-on effort towards supporting native knowledge capture in Gmail.

Integrating Guru with G Suite

Documenting the knowledge housed in our inboxes can help prevent repeat questions, allow individuals to work more self-sufficiently, and increase company-wide transparency. With Guru’s G Suite Add-on, users can capture knowledge from Gmail into Guru Cards without interrupting their Gmail workflows, making it easier than ever to capture email knowledge. Real-time knowledge capture with Guru’s G Suite Add-on is designed to safeguard against losing critical information exchanged via email, and eliminate any context switching associated with turning Gmail knowledge into Guru Cards. 

With Guru’s G Suite Add-on, you can make every member of your team a contributor to your company’s collective knowledge, as opposed to burdening that knowledge creation across a few subject matter experts. Previously, users wanting to turn knowledge from Gmail into Guru Cards would need to copy the information from an email, navigate to the Guru web app or toggle open the Guru Browser Extension, and begin the card creation process. Now, that Card creation process happens directly in Gmail, and with a more intuitive card creation process in the G Suite workflow, more knowledge creators = more knowledge. 


Email is just the start

Knowledge capture in Gmail is just the first of many ways that Guru’s G Suite Add-on will bring knowledge management into native workflows across G Suite, and future iterations will be designed to make knowledge capture and retrieval as effortless as possible across the G Suite experience. Our Google Chrome extension will continue to be the primary way that users can interact with Guru anywhere on the web, and is the most dynamic way for users to retrieve capture, and share knowledge without leaving their existing workflows.

While we’re excited to partner with Google to deepen our functionality within the G Suite ecosystem, we’re just getting started in driving more Guru value for our G Suite customers. Moving forward, you can expect to see deeper integrations with Google tools, including our Google Drive Sync and Android App, and continued integrations with G Suite apps beyond Gmail. 

Existing Guru user? Install the Add-On here and see our help center article for more info! 

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