The Problem

Companies struggle to adopt new tools when training falls short. Employees juggle too many tools, deem those tools too complex, or simply don't recognize the value, leading to low usage.

Guru consolidates a wiki, an intranet, and AI enterprise search onto one intuitive platform. But even well-designed software risks underutilization without a solid implementation strategy. Change is hard! But with this guide, it doesn’t have to be.

The Solution

Driving adoption requires more than just announcing that you’re rolling out some new software. Be proactive in encouraging user engagement across your organization—here’s how.

Encourage your teams to use Guru where they’re already working

Don’t give employees another destination. Instead, let your teams know that Guru works where they’re already working. With a browser extension, Slack and Teams integrations, and more, employees can easily access the information they need to do their jobs without leaving their workflow.

Demonstrate value on day one

The best way to encourage people to use Guru is to show them how it’s useful. To get started quickly without manually adding each piece of content, connect your existing sources with Guru. This way, employees can start using Guru’s AI-powered enterprise search or Answers feature to get the information they need the moment they start using the tool.

Use announcements for critical updates

Guru’s announcements feature allows leaders to easily share critical company updates. Rather than wondering whether they've opened your email, proactively push information to employees via announcements and track who's read them. When critical communications come from Guru consistently, employees begin to see it as their single source of truth for company knowledge.

Use analytics to assess adoption and identify knowledge gaps

Guru's detailed analytics provides robust insights into your company's knowledge platform, including:

  • Knowledge health and usage stats: Breaks down how content is being accessed and adopted across the organization.
  • Strategic impact: See what features and information are being leveraged by which teams.
  • Performance: Team managers can view adoption rates and metrics for their groups.
  • Benchmarks: Track key indicators such as verification score and overall adoption percentage.

Additionally, Guru surfaces unanswered questions and unsuccessful searches, spotlighting knowledge gaps.

Key Stats

Guru Customers report a 60% time savings with AI Answers

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Answers has helped teams reduce repeat questions in Slack by 30%

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Customer Testimonials

“It's just easy to use. Our teammates are all over the world, and it's an incredible resource to centralize all of our training and info so that we don't have to call each other or jump on meetings across time zones should we need an urgent answer to procedures or anything else.”
Guru Customer, mid-market marketing and advertising company
“Just short of PERFECT. Guru is a fantastic information database for work purposes. Organizing your Cards to find what you need has never been easier.”
Guru customer, mid-market automotive company
“Guru is a game-changer for every employee in every department. Everyone has questions that arise during the day and asking those questions takes others away from their job and out of their flow. When every question has an answer in Guru it increases productivity.”
Brett Eskelson, VP of Sales, CodeHS

Key Takeaways

Guru Capabilities Leveraged

Browser extension
AI Answers
Enterprise search
Published on 
June 11, 2024