Guru: The Ultimate Sales Partner (As Told By Chili Piper)

Last verified Sep 30, 2021

As an SDR, one of the main places we go to begin research on a person we’d like to reach out to is LinkedIn. Over the years, LinkedIn has transformed from the buttoned-up professional platform it once was to a space where individuals can influence, build a following, and show much more transparency into their job experience and life outside of the workplace. 

Just like any other morning, I began the workday by scrolling through my feed. But this morning was different. Suddenly, four important words caught my eyes as they floated down my screen. G-u-r-u. 


Still love the art

This wasn’t just a post from our team, it was a post about our team. It was praise from an employee of one of our customers, and one of the hottest brands on LinkedIn - Chili Piper. The author, Jared Wexler, is a Solutions Consultant and one of the earliest members of the Chili team. Chili Piper is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the SaaS industry, and due to their growth, managing internal knowledge became a huge problem. As an early member of the Chili team, Jared understood all too well the pain of those dreaded repeat questions in Slack.

So when a solution like Guru came around and changed the game for him and the sales team, he decided to let the world know. Below is our conversation (with the help of one of their top SDRs, Erich Beer) about what led him to make the post, how they use Guru, and the impact of Guru on their team.