SeatGeek's Approach to Guru's Enterprise AI Search

How to improve efficiency and expand access to critical knowledge with enterprise AI search.

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How SeatGeek used Guru's AI enterprise search to improve customer support efficiency, reduce onboarding effort, and expand access to critical knowledge across the organization.

The challenge

With so many AI products in the market, SeatGeek sought to thoughtfully engage in prioritized initiatives across the company. One of the highest requested capabilities across departments was enterprise search, prompting a strategic approach to quickly experiment and deliver results on a department-by-department basis. Fundamental to speed was evaluating existing tech stack vendors for architectural fit. When evaluating vendors, SeatGeek realized Guru had the capabilities they were seeking for enterprise search and that SeatGeek was only using ⅓ of the AI features Guru offers. After speaking to other vendors, they soon realized adding new vendors to solve the problem would result in overlapping features and an increased cost basis to what they already had with Guru.

The solution

The SeatGeek team aimed to maximize Guru’s value quickly but thoughtfully by launching Guru’s Answers for the customer support team to allow their agents to search and find generated Answers across Guru content as well as content living in other critical applications, like Airtable or Slack.

The approach

The team took a phased approach to implementing Guru’s enterprise AI search feature by first focusing on one use case they needed to solve—numerous questions in Slack channels about rapidly changing event information that was not easily searchable inside Airtable. After connecting Airtable as a source of knowledge to Guru, the team could start testing. They assembled a squad of four people to lead a pilot of 15 users where they rigorously tested Answers’ ability to answer their highest priority questions. Through Guru’s AI Training Center, they were able to spot gaps in their knowledge, improve their content, and train Guru’s AI to answer more accurately.

The outcome

With hundreds of users now engaged with Guru’s Answers, the Customer Support team is on the path to lower the onboarding effort for outsourced functions, and will soon expand Answers usage across more teams and begin exploring Assist.

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May 16, 2024
May 14, 2024

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