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Knowledge base software is a type of knowledge management software. Think of it as a self-serve online library that holds all the knowledge you need to do your job: info about your organization’s products, services, business operations—the sky’s the limit. Usually found online, a knowledge base makes it easy for a company to collect, organize, and retrieve information for internal use (or for your customers or the general public).

Knowledge base software helps companies with customer self-service, so employees can spend less time answering the same questions and more time doing the complex, creative work they’re so good at. The more your team grows, the more useful a knowledge base becomes. It lets employees share mission-critical information, important trainings, onboarding procedures, and more. Learn more about knowledge bases with our reference guide.

If you need FAQs for your customer support team, real-time sales battlecards, or just want the best knowledge management solution for your newly-remote small business, Guru is the knowledge base tool you need. (P.S.—it’s totally free to start now, no credit card required.)

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Benefits of Guru's free knowledge base management software

Create knowledge directly in Guru, or sync knowledge from your internal wiki, employee intranet, and/or other web-based applications. Guru helps you combine existing internal and external knowledge bases so all your knowledge is in one place. Maintaining multiple knowledge bases can be confusing for your team, adding unnecessary stress and hampering productivity. Guru’s knowledge base management software brings data from various sources together in a single, intuitive platform. Learn more about Guru’s remote work solutions.

Here are just some of the major benefits of using Guru as your knowledge base software: 

  • Intuitive, powerful search: Our search engine delivers the knowledge you need wherever and whenever you need it. You can search for keywords, tags, and more to find knowledge quickly, or let Guru push the knowledge to you based on what’s on your screen.
  • Captures the information you need, wherever it exists: From Google Docs to Slack threads, Guru helps you gather all of your company’s information and expertise and creates a single source of truth, making knowledge sharing a cinch.
  • Knowledge verification: Your company’s knowledge is constantly expanding—make sure your employees and customers have access to information that’s useful and up-to-date. Guru’s built-in knowledge verification workflow automatically notifies you when it’s time to review and revise your content.
  • Aggregated knowledge: Guru helps you consolidate knowledge from a variety of sources into a single platform. This makes it easy for employees and customers to get the answers they need.
  • Knowledge base performance insights: Guru lets you see how employees and customers use your knowledge base. Leverage this knowledge to identify trends in searches to improve your content and enhance your knowledge strategy.
  • Accessibility and adaptability: Guru helps you put information at your workforce’s fingertips, wherever they are and integrated into their workflows. They can search and view information from their browser’s extension or interact with a Slack bot to find relevant articles.
  • Templates and Frameworks: Don’t let a blank internal knowledge base scare you! Use Guru’s Frameworks to get started. Once you import our templates, everything is totally customizable.

Learn more about Guru’s features here.

How to use Guru for your knowledge base

Effective knowledge management requires maintenance of your knowledge base—the portal where specific knowledge related to your company is housed. To best serve the people using your knowledge base, it should be organized, categorized, and user-friendly. High-quality knowledge base software makes it easy to manage your company’s organizational and customer-related knowledge, as well as any freelance work, from your office or home office setting.

Knowledge base software from Guru lets you categorize content to help users search for knowledge without frustration. You can organize your content based on usefulness and popularity. Guru knowledge base software helps you take advantage of analytics to determine how people search for knowledge, what types of content they’re looking for, and where they navigate. It can also help you control access and permissions for creating, editing, and searching content. 

Find out why Guru is the best free knowledge base software.