Working remotely can be distracting. Your actual work shouldn’t be.

You have enough on your mind—figuring out how to do your job at home should be simple. With Guru, your workflow stays the same no matter where or when you work.
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You’ll be in very good company with these Guru customers:

Your team is distributed. Your knowledge is all in one place.

No office? No problem. Shoulder taps are a thing of the past when knowledge finds you wherever you work. Guru integrates seamlessly with Slack, G Suite, and the rest of the tech stack your team already loves to use.
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"Using Guru with our remote Support teams helped us scale and maintain consistent, quality support for our customers. Our reliable and up-to-date knowledge management repository in Guru is critical to ensure our remote teams are set up for success."
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Dana Tessier, Director of Knowledge Management
"The knowledge alert is one of the features in Guru that I rely on to help me do that. Whether it is to advise our staff of a new internal process or procedure, or to communicate something external and more global, writing up a quick, informative card and sending it via a knowledge alert assures me that the appropriate audience will be informed quickly and non-intrusively."
Bonnie Lynne Smith, Curriculum and Learning Analyst
"Before Guru, our knowledge base was simply not up to date. Most teams wouldn’t even bother. It’s not that they didn’t care, it just felt overwhelming to just find the content they needed to update. The state of things was very, very bad - we found content that was 8 years out of date."
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Ben MacASkill, COO
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Knowledge that works 24/7, not 9-5.

Stay in the know no matter when you work. When knowledge is centralized, current, and verified by experts, your whole team is aligned, even if they’re in different time zones.

"Using Guru ensures that no matter who is awake in a particular timezone, everyone has access to what they need to successfully do their jobs. Working remotely means we cannot make meetings and face-to-face, in-person communication a blocker for productivity. Having knowledge in a single place we can count on - available at our fingertips no matter where we're doing the work - is what gives us that security to make decisions asynchronously, and ensures that remote work can help any company continue to grow and thrive."
Nicole Hicks, Support & Operations Manager
"One of the most obvious changes from using Guru is the number of times I see someone ask a question that we don’t have documentation for, and within 20 minutes someone posts a Guru card to the Slack channel. That’s always really impressive and that just didn’t happen before. It speaks to the ease of creation in Guru, and the ease of sharing in Guru. Every single team puts their knowledge in Guru, and every single team uses it. I’m seeing things get created and documented so much faster than they were before."
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Ben MacASkill, COO
A Guru Card being shared in response to a question asked in a corporate messaging tool, like Slack, about email templates

The collaboration and communication tool to empower your whole team

Track projects, stay up-to-date, and keep your team feeling as connected as when they’re huddled around a whiteboard together. (Doodles not included.)
See how Shopify and Intercom use Guru to collaborate among disparate teams.
"What really made Guru stand out to me was that ability to take knowledge everywhere - to put info in Slack, to have it in the browser extension which followed me around the web. The ability to consume knowledge was much higher than any product that I evaluated or used. Also, the verification engine. The ability to know that everything is up to date, or at least know when it’s not. Those are the two killer features to me - take your knowledge everywhere and trust your knowledge."
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Ben MacASkill, COO
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A better way to work remotely

End expensive shoulder taps and repeat questions, get new hires up to speed faster than ever, and stop wasting valuable time searching for info. These numbers don't lie—that's what Guru can do for you.
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of CX pros who use Guru say it's difficult to create a remote team without it
reduction in repeat questions in Slack
improvement in productivity and quality
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