All the knowledge your team needs, without having to leave Slack.

Conversations move fast in Slack. Guru’s Slackbot empowers you to capture, share and access your team's knowledge in seconds.

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Slack and Guru Card Creation

Capture information as it surfaces in a conversation.

Tired of hearing the same questions being asked over and over again? Guru helps you easily capture an answer the first time it's asked using a simple Slack Action.

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Guru activity feed

Newly captured knowledge is instantly visible to your entire team.

Invite Guru into a Slack channel for updates whenever new knowledge is created. Now your entire team is in the loop with just one single source of truth.

Guru Extension
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When not in Slack, Guru still has your back.

Guru's AI Suggest engine recommends knowledge in every web-based app, empowering your team with knowledge shared in Slack.

Slack Guru Verification

Guru's verification engine keeps your internal knowledge up-to-date.

Guru keeps you on task and your knowledge up-to-date by reminding you to verify or update content over time. With Guru's help, you can ensure your team's knowledge can be trusted.

On our blog, we talk about why your internal wiki should live in Slack.

Guru Verification

Learn how SmugMug shares knowledge across all their teams with Guru + Slack


"We are huge users of Slack on the Greenhouse sales team. Internal sales conversations happen here all day long. Having Guru + Slack ensures our sales reps have a highly streamlined workflow with Guru ensuring all our sales knowledge lives right where sales conversations are taking place!"

Victoria Moss

Director of Sales Operations @ Greenhouse

Victoria Moss
"Using Guru has been a home run for us. I can see it being adopted for any team that has a changing knowledge base that they need to update quickly, is reliable, and easily accessible through Slack."

Paul Zimmerman, Support Training Lead — Emma

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