Guru Stands Unequivocally in Support of Ukraine

Last verified Mar 11, 2022

Our hearts are with the Ukrainian people. We continue to be shocked, disturbed, and saddened by these events; we wholly condemn the actions of the Russian Government and their continued violent invasion of Ukraine.

To the Guru community and beyond, 

The events of Ukraine are too severe, too appalling, and too jarring to go without addressing. We stand in support of the people of Ukraine and their fight to maintain sovereignty in a time of such unrest and violence. The continual attacks by the Russian Government are abhorrent and unwarranted.

This stands in direct contempt of our premise and values at Guru. We have long committed to show gratitude for our privileges and dedicate time and energy to improve the world around us. 

While there are not enough words to express our sentiment, for now, this will have to do. In support of the people of Ukraine, we are initiating the following programs and actions, effective immediately. 

We are extending our long-standing Guru for Good program to all those in Ukraine, giving access to all those impacted by or working in support of Ukraine’s protection of its continued freedom for free for a minimum of one year. If you qualify for this, please connect with us here

For our existing customers and partners in Ukraine, we will be extending the offer to waive our fees for the remainder of the year.

And finally, for any new and existing users of Guru advocating for or enabling the Ukrainian invasion by the Russian Government, we have extended our terms of service to explicitly restrict the use of Guru in any capacity for this.

We do not believe that the disturbing actions of the Russian Government should be assumed to be the beliefs of the country as a whole. If Guru can be used in any positive manner to share information amongst the businesses and people of Russia that are condemning or unsupportive of the Russian Government’s invasion, we believe that this serves as an opportunity for good. 

The actions of the brave, resilient Ukrainian people may directly be in an effort to hold on to their fragile freedom today, but they are in support of our collective sovereignty tomorrow. 

Many of us do not know where to start, and even the smallest actions contribute to meaningful change. If you feel compelled to donate or take further action, we’re curating a list of organizations that support Ukrainians here

In unwavering support of Ukraine,

Rick Nucci and the team at Guru

If you have any additional feedback to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out at