Guru + Slack + Salesforce: Supercharge Your Digital HQ

Last verified Jan 12, 2022

What comes to mind when you think about a company’s headquarters? You may think about a glass-and-concrete tower, or an office complex in the suburbs. Chances are you’re not doing most of your work in these environments, if you’ve even been in an office at all in the past two years. For a growing number of people, HQ is no longer defined by an address. Now that around 70% of office workers in the U.S. are working remotely, HQ is composed of all the tools we use when sitting in our home offices (or on the couch under a cozy blanket--we’re not judging). 

Digital HQ is here, today

Salesforce has dubbed the tech stack that supports this new work reality “digital HQ.” And with the acquisition of Slack, Salesforce is delivering on the promise to create a digital HQ, combining the real-time, ultra-flexible connectivity of Slack with Salesforce’s single source of truth for customer data. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff summed it up in a recent interview: "We knew every company was going to have to have a digital HQ, that it was a must-have, not a want.” 


Salesforce is a road-tested source of rich customer data. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud provide a detailed view of customer interactions. If people need to know about activity on an account, understand the health of the sales funnel, or otherwise track customer-related activity, they’ll find what they need in Salesforce.

Slack is an intuitive way to collaborate and stay connected with colleagues regardless of physical location. While we often think of Slack’s chat features, it’s also a great tool for consuming timely information. People can easily stop by account channels to take a pulse on customers, read interesting industry news shared by colleagues, and get a quick look at what’s going on in cross-functional projects. 

And now, with the Salesforce for Slack app, customer information is seamlessly shared into Slack, where people are communicating in real-time.

Together, it’s a great foundation for a digital HQ. But there’s an important piece missing from the experience.

Guru helps you level up

Information of all shapes, sizes, and varieties lives in Slack, including social chats around the virtual watercooler. Who doesn’t love popping into their company’s #random channel to get the latest TV recommendations? 

The downside to this volume and breadth of info sharing is that important knowledge quickly gets buried. As new people join the company, the same questions get asked repeatedly. The same people get tagged in to answer those questions. And as those answers get buried, the cycle repeats itself. This is to say nothing of the useful articles, tips, and data shared in chats that are simply lost in the stream of conversation.


Salesforce provides a complete view of what’s happening with customers. But Salesforce is not built to tell people how to answer these customers’ questions, where to go for specific resources, or otherwise be successful in their day-to-day jobs.

The problem of getting people the knowledge they need to do their jobs must be solved in order to create a winning digital HQ experience. Company information exists, but the process of getting to it is time-consuming, confusing, and just plain frustrating.

Think about the product knowledge, company procedures, and playbooks that are stored in various file shares, databases, project management apps, or--worse yet--inside somebody’s head. Companies may have an intranet or traditional wiki solution, but it's painful to search and hard to tell if info is up to date. Information is compiled into long documents and articles so it’s hard to get to the exact info needed to answer a customer’s question.

As a result, company knowledge still gets accessed with a shoulder tap, whether people are sitting in cubicles next to each other or DMing in Slack. That adds up to a lot of interruption and it’s just not ideal for anyone! But don’t take our word for it--experts say there’s up to a 40% loss of productivity when people have to shift between tasks.


Enter Guru’s next gen wiki. Guru is designed to deliver people the bite-sized knowledge they need to do their jobs, right in the places they’re already working. Guru lives where people work, and that means right in Slack. Guru’s Slackbot lets people across the company inject knowledge into their existing workflows, so their work keeps flowing. Read more about why companies need a Slack Wiki.

Information in Guru is optimized for the people who are consuming information while being easy to maintain so that people capturing knowledge don’t have to learn a cumbersome new technology. Guru is not another destination for teams to remember and try to navigate through.

The app is designed to eliminate frustrating data silos by putting important company information into a single resource that’s accessible where, when, and how people need it, whether that’s in Slack, in a browser, or as an integration with Salesforce. Guru also offers functionality to proactively push specific knowledge to people depending on what they’re doing in Salesforce, helping them resolve issues faster and more accurately.

Guru’s wiki is the secret ingredient for empowering a hybrid workforce and activating a supportive, collaborative digital HQ experience. No more searching through long documents for a simple answer, no more confusion over which version of a file is the right one, and DMs get reserved for meaningful conversations (or, for #random channel fans, sharing their favorite Nicolas Cage GIFs).

Slack + Salesforce + Guru: the complete digital HQ


When companies add Guru to their Slack and Salesforce digital HQ, they put knowledge at their team’s fingertips. Guru offers a number of features designed to save information and deliver it to teams without having to leave Slack and Salesforce.

  • Guru’s Slackbot lets people easily capture knowledge from Slack threads, categorize it, and assign an internal expert who will ensure that information stays up-to-date - all within the app. Never let a valuable info nugget get lost in a channel again.

  • Share Guru information directly in a Slack channel or DM, without having to leave Slack to find it. This lets anyone in the company share trusted knowledge, reducing SME shoulder taps while empowering people as they benefit from knowledge.

  • Guru’s integrations help people who are working in Service Cloud. Customer support teams using Salesforce can quickly address customer needs with accurate information. Guru’s AI Suggest proactively delivers relevant knowledge based on the information in Salesforce Service Cloud tickets and Salesforce Live Chats. Knowledge is pushed directly into their workflow without any need to pause and search.

  • Serve sellers relevant information right in Sales Cloud with Guru’s Knowledge Triggers, which surface information automatically based on content or fields within Salesforce. It’s like having a sales coach on demand.

Slack keeps people connected. Salesforce stores core business data. Guru keeps the knowledge flowing. Together, it’s a combo designed to empower employees and make them more effective in a hybrid work, digital HQ environment.

What to expect from a digital HQ experience with Guru


No matter what business metrics you’re responsible for, Guru helps move the needle in the right direction. Guru is good for employees and customers alike. Here are just a few of the metrics we recommend looking at to see the positive impact of Guru’s easy-access, on-demand company information resource:

  • Improve customer experience interactions

  • Watch overall issue handle time go down, making everyone happy

  • Decrease the time to first response, saving team members and customers valuable time 

  • Increase the percentage of first contact resolution, delighting your customers

  • Optimize the number of interactions per rep per month, making managers happy

  • Reduce the cost per interaction per month, letting your CFO rest easy

  • Empower employees by making them more effective 

  • Reduce time spent looking for information, reducing frustration

  • Reduce time spent answering repeat questions, so your SMEs can concentrate on doing what you hired them to do instead of being a human Wikipedia

  • Decrease ramp time for new hires, so they’ll feel more confident, faster

  • Make employees happier

  • Reduce employee churn by helping them become active contributors more quickly (while giving them a safety net)

  • Increase employee engagement and happiness scores, because company knowledge belongs to everyone

Want to see how Guru can supercharge your Slack + Salesforce digital HQ? Try Guru today!