How Greenhouse, Dell, and Guru Actually use Guru to Improve Sales Enablement

Last verified Oct 7, 2021

In January, we were invited to present at a new sales ops online video series that launched with 30 video presentations from leading SaaS companies.

For the video series each presenter was asked to go into exactly how they made use of products in their technology stack today.

Perhaps the best way for us to learn about if a product is right for us is to see how our peers gets value.

This is an easy check against vendor BS that we’re all overloaded with these days. To support this type of peer learning we had our very own head of Product Marketing, Steve Mayernick present how Guru makes use of Guru, as well as other products like Outreach and Slack.

On top of Guru’s presentation both Greenhouse and Dell Boomi came through with how their sales stacks look like in the wild, which both include Guru.

With permission from the organizers, this post brings together how these companies are making use of Guru today so you can learn about their use cases and see if Guru is right for your team.

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How Greenhouse Uses Guru (Featuring Tori Moss, Director of Sales Operations)

Tori Moss implemented Guru at her previous company and when she started at Greenhouse she knew she had to bring it back in. Today, Greenhouse continues to be one of the fastest growing SaaS companies with a team of 50+ sales reps.

So how does Greenhouse use Guru? Tori divides the type of content on Guru into two types: internal-facing content and external, customer-facing content.

Internal content is largely used to inform sales reps about their sales processes such as what defines an opportunity, what their inbound lead process is, and what each stage in the sales cycle means. None of this content is meant for customers, but instead is meant to educate Greenhouse's reps on their own internal, sales processes.


On the other hand, external content is content meant for customers, which could include competitive battlecards, or content on how to handle common objections. 


Greenhouse also uses Guru for customer personas and case studies. These cards allow sales reps to pull up details on what their clients care about, their organizational chart and buyer’s journey


For Greenhouse, Guru usage isn’t limited to sales. The product, operations, and marketing team also use Guru as a central location to access information.

Guru provides useful analytics on the usage of the cards for these teams to determine which content is generating the most revenue and to act on this data.

Moreover, Guru analytics also has a section that shows the most commonly searched keywords that don’t produce results. This gives Tori a clear indicator of what additional content to put into Guru and what the gaps in Greenhouse's enablement strategy are.


How Dell Uses Guru (Featuring Paul Pasko, Pre-Sales Technical Enablement Manager)

At Dell, Paul Pasko works on the Boomi team as a Pre-Sales Technical Enablement Manager.

Before, Paul’s team had to fill out countless Requests for Proposals and Requests for Information as part of their enterprise sales process. These documents are anywhere from 40 to 300 questions long with many of the same questions asked in different RFP's.

Before Guru, Paul had to go back and forth between spreadsheets and docs with previous application information to find answers for current RFPs and RFIs he was working on.

What Paul did to solve this was to use Guru cards to fill out RFPs and RFIs. Here’s one of the spreadsheets he has with all of the questions for a specific RFP:


 The yellow highlighted field is his response to the RFP question about the extensibility of workflows.

To get started on an answer to this, Paul brings up Guru and searches for cards with a tag of MDM (metadata management, which is the section this RFP question is part of) and with a specific search query of “workflow”.


Once Paul or someone on his team has found a card with the right answer, all they have to now do is copy the card and paste it into the response field on his spreadsheet.

The whole process of creating an accurate proposal becomes a lot more simple and this saves Paul from having to sift through previous RFPs and RFIs in various document repositories.


Since implementing Guru, the RFP response process has been reduced by approximately 50%. What used to take 4 days, now only takes 2 days because reps no longer have to sort through multiple sources or email questions to subject matter experts as that knowledge is now stored in Guru.

How Guru Uses Guru (Featuring Steve Mayernick, Head of Product Marketing)

It’s no secret that we use Guru at Guru. We thought Steve Mayernick our Head of Product Marketing was one of the best to talk about this.

Why? For some background, before Steve joined Guru he headed sales enablement at RJMetrics on its journey from 7 to 30 sales reps and $1M to $7M ARR.

During that time at RJMetrics, Steve used Guru to help decrease sales rep ramp up time 60%. 

As you may know, Guru provides an accessible and easily searchable knowledge-base to onboard and empower sales reps. Or in the words of one of the event hosts Juliana Crispo Guru is a “knowledge management tool that’s going to make your company wiki look like it’s still living in the MySpace days.” Thanks Juliana.

One of Steve’s personal favorite features of Guru internally is its integration with Slack.

Context switching between a medley of tools is a notorious productivity killer. Our Slack integration allows teams to both add cards to Guru and search for cards in Guru while you work in Slack.


Steve also get value out of the verification workflow for Guru cards. If a sales rep needed to get the latest Guru promo deck from marketing, it’s hard to determine the latest deck since chances are there are multiple draft versions throughout Google Drive.


Guru's verification workflow ensure reps trust the content they are sending prospects is up-to-date and gives them confidence on calls when using sales knowledge like competitive battlecards.

Greenhouse, Boomi, and Guru all use our solution in uniques ways to augment their sales enablement practice. How will you use Guru to improve your team?

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