Personalized Sales Playbooks your reps will actually use.

Empower your reps to move faster and sell more confidently by arming them with relevant sales knowledge and assets directly in their workflow.

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Sales Enablement Built for the Way Reps Work

Context switching kills your reps productivity. That’s why traditional solutions for sales knowledge like wiki’s and sales asset management portals have low adoption. Our browser extension and Slack bot is built to live where your reps work and reduce time spent searching for information. Whether they be in their inbox, CRM, or LinkedIn, Guru provides reps with one-click access to situational sales knowledge and marketing assets.

Sales enablement built for reps

Understand How Sales Knowledge is Used to Improve Your Enablement Strategy

Identify trends and best practices by seeing what competitors, use cases, or objections are coming up the most in conversations with prospects. Understand the gaps in your enablement strategy by getting insight into knowledge reps are searching for that aren’t producing results. Match your marketing assets to the appropriate stage to learn which specific assets move deals forward and lead to more revenue.

sales knowledge is used to improve your enablement strategy
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Predictively Surface Appropriate Sales Knowledge Based on What's Important To Your Team

Keep your reps consistent and on-message by surfacing approved sales knowledge directly in the apps they are working in. For example, based on the competitor field in an opportunity record Guru will present the appropriate competitive positioning messaging to your reps right in your CRM. With Context, newly onboarded reps can immediately sell with confidence like the most seasoned reps on your team.

surface appropriate sales knowledge

Reduce Shoulder Taps and Instill Confidence in Your Team

Your product, buyers, and competitors are constantly changing, so Guru built a verification workflow to ensure all of your sales knowledge stays up-to-date and trusted. Reps have increased confidence on calls because they trust their knowledge base is accurate, while your team receives less shoulder taps and repeat questions. That’s a win-win.

Reduce shoulder taps

A Solution That Scales With Your Growth

Easily segment knowledge between your distinct teams to ensure each rep can find what they need as quickly as possible. Organize your knowledge by categories and optimize your rep’s search experience with tags. Continually grow your knowledge base organically by capturing answers to common questions with our slack bot or Q&A workflow.

A solution that scales with your growth

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"Guru is the connective tissue between my SE team and the rest of our GTM organization, and the ultimate force multiplier for Optimizely. It is the easiest way to capture the expertise of my team and scale that expertise across the global sales and success organizations."

Zach Lawryk

Senior Director, Solutions Engineer @ Optimizely

Zach Lawryk
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