Guru for Sales

Increase your win-rate.
Decrease your time to close.

Guru is a knowledge network that brings reps the right content, in the right format, in the right moments – all in real time. From product FAQs and competitive battle cards to security questions and marketing content, sales reps will go from saying, "Let me get back to you," to "Here ya go!"

Guru for sales
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We play in a very competitive market where things move very quickly and speed is of the essence. Guru helps our sales team set the pace by giving them access to all the information they need right at their fingertips. This allows them to have fluid and valuable conversations with our prospects that drive revenue.

– Sean Murray, CRO at SalesLoft

Stop searching, start selling

Guru's AI turns your organization's collective "know-how" into a competitive advantage by arming your reps with everything they need to have valuable conversations with prospects – no searching required.
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Sending out inaccurate information could quite literally lose us a customer, or harm an important relationship. It’s really important for reps to know what content is verified and up-to-date. This is easy to do in Guru.

– David Aronica, Director of Business Development at Splash

Increase confidence in new and veteran reps alike

Having trusted knowledge at their fingertips helps reps scale quickly and operate confidently.
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Access Knowledge Everywhere You Work

Guru works with Salesforce, Slack, LinkedIn, and every other sales tool you use.
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