Introducing Answers—New Generative AI Capabilities in Guru to Transform the Way Teams Discover Knowledge

Last verified May 17, 2023

Today I’m thrilled to announce new generative capabilities in Guru and share our vision for how teams will manage knowledge in the new AI era.

Meet Answers—our biggest AI enhancement to date.

With Answers, users will be able to search across their company’s apps and access information instantly.

It provides results in a matter of seconds, in easy-to-understand language, alongside a list of sources whose permissions settings are mirrored in Guru. And when it’s used with Guru’s other new AI updates—like Assist and Trending Topics for Slack—it can transform the way teams manage knowledge and increase productivity company-wide.

How Answers works

Users will be able to ask a question with Answers and get a result that’s sourced from a document, messaging tool, knowledge base, or any app that has been connected to Guru. Then, they can instantly document that information in Guru with the help of Assist—a new generative AI enhancement that can create, refine, and summarize content. Once that information is in Guru, it can be verified and continually improved by subject-matter experts—so the next time a teammate searches for that knowledge with Answers, they’ll get a result they know they can trust. 

This focus on trust has been present from Guru’s earliest days. And our belief that trust should be a key component of any product employees rely on for information has only grown stronger with the emergence of AI. That’s why human experts are central to the new AI workflows you’ll see in Guru.

With this combination of AI power and human curation, Guru now gives companies the immediate time-to-value of an enterprise search product, coupled with the trustworthiness of a robust wiki or knowledge base.

Guru Answers screen shoot

AI automating the knowledge lifecycle

The recent advancements in AI have been incredible to witness. With the addition of Answers, Assist, and our other AI enhancements, Guru users can discover, create, and improve knowledge effortlessly in one product and automate the flow of knowledge across the entire knowledge lifecycle. That’s the vision we've been building towards at Guru.

  • Identify: Connect your company’s apps to Guru to identify the places where knowledge lives, be it in Slack, Google Drive, or in the minds of subject-matter experts via our 40+ HRIS integrations.

  • Discover: Immediately begin leveraging that knowledge with Answers, which searches all your company’s apps and surfaces the exact information you need, with sources clearly identified.

  • Create: Take the knowledge discovered with Answers and instantly capture and organize it in Guru with the help of Assist.

  • Improve: Once that knowledge is in Guru, ensure it’s refined, verified, and continually improved by experts.

The Knowledge Lifecycle

AI will change the way teams manage knowledge—and that change can’t come quickly enough for many companies.

In today’s workplace information is siloed, files are scattered, and sources are often out of date and untrustworthy. Guru is a layer that sits across all of these sources, providing employees with a single source of truth that’s powered by AI, verified by subject-matter experts, and accessible from whatever app they’re working from.

With the addition of Answers to Guru’s existing AI capabilities, users will be able to transform the way they discover, create, and manage knowledge. And be able to spend less time manually documenting and searching for knowledge, and more time leveraging that knowledge to drive business outcomes.

I can’t wait to hear what you think and see what you achieve.

The first iteration of Answers is available in a limited private beta. You can apply to join here.