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Trending Topics for Slack

Seamlessly identify knowledge gaps with Trending Topics for Slack

Capture and bridge knowledge gaps effortlessly with Guru's Slack integration, transforming valuable insights from your conversations into actionable wisdom for your team.
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Identify (and fill) knowledge gaps

Add Trending Topics to Slack channels and get an automatic digest that tells you which subjects are coming up most frequently.

Build your base at lightning speed

Easily identify knowledge, use Assist to automatically summarize or format into an FAQ, and add it to Guru in seconds.

Never miss important information

Pull priceless information from long Slack threads and extremely busy channels without any effort.

What is Trending Topics for Slack?

Trending Topics for Slack is designed to help Authors and Admins identify and fill knowledge gaps by surfacing trends in company Slack channels. Once gaps are identified, it’s easy to transfer content that’s normally stored in Slack directly into Guru. When paired with Assist, you can instantly clean up and summarize Trending Topics messages into easy-to-read Cards. 

How does Trending Topics for Slack work?

Our AI takes a variety of factors, including the number of times a topic is mentioned, to surface relevant topics for users. Paired with natural language processing, Guru’s Trending Topics for Slack is able to automatically identify frequently mentioned subjects within the usual noise of Slack. Just subscribe to Trending Topics, choose which channels to watch, set their delivery cadence, and watch the knowledge to come to you. 

Why do I need Guru’s Trending Topics for Slack? 

Your Slack is a goldmine of important company information; the only problem is that it tends to stay in there instead of being captured in your knowledge base. With Guru’s Trending Topics for Slack, you’re able to cut through the noise and clearly identify important information—and adding it into Guru takes just seconds. 

How can I get Guru’s Trending Topics for Slack? 

Guru’s Trending Topics for Slack is available on all plans to everyone who can author content. See all pricing plans.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of machine learning and the technology powering our AI tools, outputs may occasionally be inaccurate.
"Easy to search, AI-driven recommendations, easily integrated into all the systems I already use."
"With the rollout of Trending Topics for Slack, we've been more easily able to identify where our knowledge gaps are and where Guru can help reduce time wasted in answering duplicate questions."