Rethinking Company Newsletters with Guru

Last verified Jul 6, 2023

How do you get your company news? You probably have regular team meetings, 1:1s with your boss (or direct reports), and the occasional company-wide updates. Scheduled synchronous meetings will always be a great way to get information, but they may not always be ideal for remote and hybrid workers.

There’s a very simple tool companies can use to keep people in the loop, but it’s one that doesn’t get used as much anymore. We’re talking about classic company newsletters. 

What are company newsletters?

Company newsletters are tools used by businesses and organizations to share relevant and valuable information with their employees. Newsletters can give everyone at your company a cross-functional view of the most important topics at work.  Team leaders can have a place to share important curated content beyond their immediate group of employees. 

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They're also great for spreading gossip and intrigue

On top of being informative, they can also highlight employee achievements, show appreciation for good work, and give everyone at your company a voice. They’re an effective way to keep people in the know about important team updates, project milestones, wins, losses, and everything in between. And better yet, people can review them on their own time. 

Why company newsletters still matter

We love seeing the alert when our bi-monthly newsletter is published, and we think once you get yours started, you’ll love it too. Just think about what a well-put-together newsletter could do for employee engagement.

Knowledge is power, and having the proper company knowledge in place can lead people to make better-informed decisions at work. A newsletter announcement about the launch of a new marketing campaign can inspire your sales team to use new taglines and messaging in their calls and emails. Thanks to the feature release updates in your latest newsletter, employees can now say with confidence precisely what their company is doing with AI at their next networking event. 

There’s also something to be said about how newsletters can help reduce information overload. We get so many DMs, emails, and other professional communications throughout the day. Keeping track of everything you’ve read/heard and remembering where to find info can be tricky. Your newsletter stores your most important and current company news in one easy-to-access place. 

Revamp your company newsletter with Guru 

You can see the importance of having a company newsletter, and you can see the value it can bring your company. But you can’t see your company ever having a regular newsletter.

Time is a pretty big factor. Everyone is trying to be as productive as possible at work, and adding another reoccurring to-do seems like a bad idea. On top of that, you don’t know if people will remember to actually read the newsletter. You remember company newsletters from the past. Well, you remember seeing them pop up in your inbox. You don’t really remember what they covered, and you were usually too busy to read them when they arrived.

We get your concerns, but don’t worry. Guru is here to help.

As your single source of truth for company knowledge, we know a thing or two about what it takes to create a good newsletter. And thanks to recent AI advancements, we’re not just making it easier than ever for you to make newsletters but we're making it so your employees can get even more value out of them. You can create, refine, send, and even store your newsletter right within Guru. Here’s how to use Guru to give your newsletter the overhaul it deserves. 

Drawing a blank on what to cover in your newsletter? There’s plenty of company news to report on, but you want to make sure you’re covering something that’ll resonate with employees. You could do some informal polling or make some educated guesses, but we have a better way for you to get what you need. 

With Guru, you don’t have to do a lot of searching to find the information that interests your employees the most. Use Guru’s Trending Topics for Slack to unearth the topics that matter to your company. Simply choose some popular Slack channels, set up Trending Topics for Slack, and let the information come to you. 

Do people in the #HR-Help channel keep asking questions about changes to the benefits plan? Include a primer on plan changes and link out to the Card that has insurance information in your next newsletter. Are people raving about your latest product feature in the #Team-Engineering channel? Include the explainer video marketing put together for the feature in your next newsletter and spread that hype around to the whole company.

Write and edit content with Assist 

You know what you want to cover in your newsletter, now you have to write it. Luckily, you’re a professional content writer, so you know the perfect way to handle voice and tone and write simply and concisely. No problem, right? 

What’s that you say? You’re not a professional writer, and you don’t know why we’d assume that you were? 

We might have gotten a bit too ahead of ourselves there, but our assessment wasn’t completely wrong. You may not be a professional writer, but when you have access to Assist. And that’s the next best thing to being a writing pro. Assist can play an instrumental role in helping you consistently create awesome newsletter content. All you need to do is start writing, and Assist can help with the rest. 

Use Assist to pare down lengthy documents and text so you can give readers concise and helpful summaries. Make sure your writing stays conversational in some sections and professional in others by using the feature to help you adjust your tone. You can even use Assist to effortlessly translate your newsletter so employees in other countries can have the same newsletter experience. 

Promote your newsletter with announcements 

Finally hitting “send” on your newsletter can be a little nerve-wracking. Did you manage to send out your newsletter at the exact time half of the company is in a meeting? Are your west coast employees going to notice something you sent out at 5:30 am their time? Is the newsletter just going to sit unread until the next one comes out? 

Guru announcements can double as a reminder for people to read a newsletter and a way for newsletter senders to see if people are reading their content. Announcements allow Guru admins and leaders to send critical, timely updates to their entire company, specific teams, or individuals, and confirm when they've read them. Newsletter readers can easily see an announcement on their Guru homepage or even receive them in Slack the moment they’re sent. 

The best thing about announcements is that they don’t have to be a one-and-done thing. If Guru notices that people haven’t clicked the “I read this” button, our announcements feature can gently remind people again after a few days. It’s the best way to keep people in the loop without it being too intrusive. 

What do you think happens to most company newsletters that get sent to employees? Even the most informative and well-written newsletters are destined for your e-mail recycle bin or trash. It seems like a shame to put all of this valuable information together, then just delete it after it’s read once. 

Don’t let all of that great information go to waste once people read it. Let it continue to give value to people by leveraging Answers.

One of the reasons why we love using Guru for creating and distributing newsletters is that all of that great information instantly becomes a part of your company’s knowledge base. Not only is the information stored in one easy-to-access place, but people can also easily access it through Answers or just searching in Guru. Whether readers want to see the latest version of your newsletter or just need to find the newsletter that mentions the latest updates to the HR team, we have you covered. 

Help from the pros

Need a little more inspo for your future newsletter? Our Principal Internal Communications Manager Julia Soffa put together this helpful Loom and Guru Card to give you a behind-the-scenes look into how she handles Guru's (k)newsletter.

Better working with Guru

Creating a newsletter for the company seems a lot less daunting, doesn’t it? When you have the right tools on your side, making an informative and engaging newsletter is virtually effortless. In fact, there are a lot of things Guru can make feel virtually effortless at work. As we said, knowledge is power, and having trusted knowledge at your side can make almost anything seem easier. Why don’t you check out Guru and see for yourself