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AI Suggest Expert

Instantly unlock expertise with AI Suggest Expert

AI Suggest Expert uses machine learning to automatically connect information with the right experts, enhancing productivity, promoting knowledge sharing, and streamlining content creation within your organization.
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Connect info with people automatically

AI Suggest Expert learns from the information your company has already documented to automatically identify your go-to experts for every topic.

Get lightning-fast expertise

Find the right person to get answers from or to verify content in a flash.

Secure growth and potential

Built with machine learning, Guru’s AI Suggest Expert improves every time people create and verify knowledge.

What is AI Suggest Expert?

Every team has key knowledge, but it’s not always obvious who knows what. AI Suggest Expert helps your team choose the right subject matter experts to be responsible for documented information. It learns from the collective knowledge of your team to recommend individuals or groups to be verifiers based on similar content that individuals and groups have created or verified in the past.

When users ask questions in Guru, AI Suggest Expert recommends individuals and groups to provide answers. With questions automatically routed to the correct SMEs, you can ensure faster response times and more productive teams. 

How does AI Suggest Expert Work?

AI Suggest Expert will appear when users create a new Guru Card, change the verifier, or ask a question in Guru.

Why do I need AI Suggest Expert? 

AI Suggest Expert uses machine learning and AI to ensure that information get assigned to the right people. This automated process takes the burden of determining the right SME off of employees, allowing for better, deeper focus.

AI Suggest Expert can help empower more of your team members to confidently author content on their own by ensuring they’re answering questions people actually have. Guru can handle finding experts so that everyone benefits.

How can I get AI Suggest Expert?

AI Suggest Expert is available to everyone on a Builder plan and above. See all pricing plans.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of machine learning and the technology powering our AI tools, outputs may occasionally be inaccurate.
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