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Take action on your knowledge with Analytics

Guru’s built-in analytics uses your data to give your company the insight and context it needs to make informed decisions.
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Get insights into content

Our analytics are designed to give you the insight you need to continuously improve your company knowledge.

Instantly understand engagement

Rather than simply displaying statistics, Guru's analytics offer additional insights through benchmarks that show you best practices you can align your performance with.

Quickly connect the dots

Easily connect metrics to your desired outcomes to ensure faster decision-making and a clearer path to achieving your knowledge management goals.

What are analytics?

We know that analytics plays a critical role for admins, companies, and leaders to understand engagement and the overall health of the information they’re storing in Guru. The analytics experience is designed to do more than just provide basic stats like pageviews and logins. 

How do analytics work in Guru?

Guru organizes analytics into 3 sections so users can quickly find the data they need:

Knowledge Health: Allows you to see the overall health of info stored in Guru plus usage stats.

Guru Impact: Gives insight into who's using what features and information to understand the strategic influence of Guru.

Performance: Showcases the overall performance of Guru and allows team managers to drill down and see how their teams are using Guru.

If you want additional insight into certain datasets, you can drill down to see more granular results.


How do benchmarks help admins get more out of their analytics?

It’s great to see how your team is performing, and putting that in the context of best practice benchmarks helps you better understand how you might improve your efforts. Admins and leaders can use our benchmarks to understand how teams are using Guru, identify areas for improvement, and achieve their overall knowledge management goals. 

Why do I need Analytics?

Our analytics experience is designed to give you the actionable insights you need to improve your knowledge. We include benchmarks around missing information, content accuracy and freshness, and announcements engagement so your company can get the insight they need to improve knowledge. 

How can I get Analytics?

Analytics are available to everyone on the Builder and above plan.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of machine learning and the technology powering our AI tools, outputs may occasionally be inaccurate.
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