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Duplicate Detection

Experience effortless knowledge maintenance with duplicate detection

Automatically archive or delete repeat content by using Guru’s AI-powered duplicate detection.
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Automatic cleanup

Our duplicate detection system cleans up your content without prompting once each week.

Advanced content control

Although duplicate detection runs automatically, authors and admins can still control whether content gets updated, archived, or left alone.

Simplified maintenance

Our system helps ensure your content is always easily accessible, accurate, and ready for your team to use.

What is duplicate detection?

Guru’s duplicate detection system consistently monitors your shared company knowledge, automatically identifying and flagging duplicate content. 

How does duplicate detection work?

Admins can use their content management dashboard to see what content have been flagged as duplicate content. From there, they can choose to take action by editing, archiving, or dismissing the Card as non-duplicate content.

We designed our duplicate detection system to give users as much context and information as possible so they can make informed decisions on what to do with flagged content. Users will be shown the primary Card (typically the oldest or most popular version of the Card), duplicate versions of the Card(s), our similarity rating, and our relevance score to gain deeper insight into what action to take.

Why do I need duplicate detection? 

Maintenance is an important part of improving and building upon company knowledge. Manually sorting through all of your company’s information to find duplicate content can be a daunting (and at some levels, impossible) task. With duplicate detection, Guru continuously monitors your most important information by intelligently flagging duplicative content. Duplicate detection adds an extra layer of accuracy and security to your company knowledge and allows for improved search, simplicity, and streamlined administration.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of machine learning and the technology powering our AI tools, outputs may occasionally be inaccurate.
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