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Microsoft Teams

The best way to share knowledge in Microsoft Teams

Whether you need to discover and share knowledge or learn the latest company news, Guru’s Microsoft Teams integration is here to help.
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Stop context switching

Search, share, and update your Guru content without ever leaving the conversation.

Capture info instantly

Easily capture and store company knowledge as it comes up with just a few clicks.

Stay in the loop

Receive announcements, alerts, and other Guru notifications right in your chat window.

What is Guru’s Microsoft Teams integration?

Guru is the most powerful knowledge solution for companies with a Microsoft-based tech stack. Guru's Microsoft Teams integration gives you the ability to easily discover, create, and improve company knowledge all within your preferred Teams workflow. Push timely information that can’t be missed to employees without the hassle of dealing with nearly-full inboxes.

How does the Teams integration work?

Guru's Teams integration puts the information you need front and center, when you need it most—without shifting focus. Just add the integration, and Guru does the heavy lifting for you.

Do announcements work in Teams?

Any announcement sent with Guru can be seen within Teams. With the integration, users can seamlessly receive and act on announcements, verification requests, notifications, and more without having to switch to different tools.

Why do I need the Teams integration?

The costs of context-switching and using decentralized knowledge can add up. Knowledge workers can spend up to 20% of their week finding colleagues who can help with certain tasks, and context-switching can cost companies up to $450 billion per year in lost productivity. (Source)

Our integration allows you to put Guru into the tools your team already relies on and gives you the ability to boost productivity and eliminate the costs associated with context switching. 

How can I get the Microsoft integration?

You can add the integration in Microsoft Teams’ App Marketplace.

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