Guru Features

Give every team at your company a custom setup with workspaces

Guru workspaces make it easy to spin up multiple org-specific knowledge bases within the same company. Built separately, billed separately, and still easily shareable when they have to be.
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Every group in one place

Each brand, subsidiary, and cost center has its own workspace, knowledge, branding, and custom setup.

Full functionality for every team

Use the integrations your group needs to make capturing and sharing team-specific knowledge easy.

Better control and flexibility

Each workspace is billed separately, and users in multiple workspaces won’t be charged for multiple seats.

What are workspaces?

Workspaces allow multiple different teams, orgs, products, subsidiaries, or divisions within a company to have entirely separate Guru instances (workspaces). Each workspace can have its own admins, billing, and branding, in addition to containing separate information. With full functionality for each workspace, you can ensure that Answers pulls knowledge from the correct place and you can even connect multiple workspaces to one Slack for the best in-conversation efficiency.

What are the benefits of having separate workspaces in one company?

Different teams at the same company often need role-specific knowledge, and some need to ensure that confidential information is accessible only to a specific group of people. While you can easily accomplish this with different Guru Collections, workspaces give you greater control over each team’s needs, with different settings, syncs, integrations, and admins. Plus, if you bill as different cost centers, workspaces make it easier than ever to stay separate.

Can I share information with another workspace at my company? 

Yes! Any Collection within a Guru workspace can be shared with other workspaces at your company for fast and easy knowledge sharing. Need to make sure all of your divisions get the same open enrollment info at the same time? Just share the Collection with every workspace.

You can even share announcements across workspaces, making it quick and simple to share must-see information and ensure it’s read by anyone who needs to see it.

How can I get workspaces?

Workspaces are available on all Guru plans, however, only Guru admins can enable them.

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