The Problem

Your company has decided to use Guru. While we certainly wouldn’t call that a problem, we do understand that getting started with any new software can be daunting. Sure, there are lots of great features, but finding out what it can do for you feels overwhelming.

The Solution

With AI enterprise search, a wiki, and an intranet in one powerful platform, it’s clear that Guru can help everyone on your team. By taking just a few simple steps, you can start using Guru and get the answers you need instantly. Here’s how:

Use Guru where you’re already working

Why add another tool to your already piled-high tech stack? Because Guru isn’t just another destination—it’s the hub that brings all of your scattered apps and content together so you can find what you need fast. Use the browser extension, Slack or Teams app, and numerous integrations and let Guru deliver information right where you’re already working. You'll save time and boost productivity just by using Guru with your existing tools.

Stop searching endlessly for answers—just ask Guru

We all know the feeling: You’re at work, in the groove, and you realize you need some information. But is it in a doc? A deck? Is the deck even up to date? Once you’re finally done searching, you’ve broken your flow and lost valuable time. Luckily, there’s a better way. Once your team’s admin has connected all of your disparate sources (think Google Drive or Dropbox), your scattered content becomes a single source of truth, enabled by Guru’s smart enterprise search. Or use Guru’s Answers feature. Just ask a question in natural language, and Guru’s AI will deliver your answer instantly.

Meet your personal writing assistant

From documentation to sales collateral to customer communications and more, writing is a significant part of most jobs. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy—unless you have Assist, Guru’s AI writing assistant, by your side. Say goodbye to writer's block and let Assist create your first draft for you. Or take what you’ve already written and let Assist summarize, improve, or translate it. Need something a bit more personalized, like a prompt that automatically rewrites content in your company’s brand voice? Ask your team’s admin about setting up custom AI prompts for Assist.

Stay in the know

Guru is like a cheat sheet for work, automatically alerting you to new information and giving you a bird’s-eye view of how your company functions. Follow the content or authors whose information you use frequently and get notified (in your workflow!) every time there’s an update. Guru’s intranet functionality also gives you a personalized homepage with AI-recommended content that’s relevant to you and your role. And for critical updates from leadership, you’ll receive announcements that are almost impossible to miss, so you’ll never feel out of the loop.

Get to know your colleagues

Guru automatically creates employee profiles and an org chart for your company via an easy HRIS sync. Access these people resources directly within Guru to quickly view profiles of your colleagues—see their contact info, department, manager, and more. Use the org chart to understand reporting lines and company structure at a glance. This internal resource makes collaborating and navigating your work relationships seamless. And if you still can’t figure out who to go to for a particular task or question, Guru’s AI will suggest the right expert at your org.

Key Stats

Answers has helped teams reduce noisy Slack channel inquiries by 30%

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Guru customers report a 60% time savings with Answers vs. conventional methods

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Every question answered by Guru saves 8 minutes

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Customer Testimonials

"Extremely easy to use. Sales people are amazed at how simple it is to get started and the ease of finding what they need."
Marketing Director, Mid-market IT and services company
“It's just easy to use. Our teammates are all over the world, and it's an incredible resource to centralize all of our training and info so that we don't have to call each other or jump on meetings across time zones should we need an urgent answer to procedures or anything else.”
Guru Customer, Mid-market marketing and advertising company
“I hardly had to spend extra time learning how to use the platform. It was easy to get started the first time and the operation is very user-friendly and intuitive.”
YenChieh P., Enterprise company

Key Takeaways

Guru Capabilities Leveraged

Enterprise search
Browser extension
Slack integration
Teams integration
AI Answers
AI Assist
Favorite and 
Follow a Card
AI-suggested content
Ask an Expert
HRIS sync
Employee profiles/
org chart
Published on 
June 11, 2024