Zapier App for Guru

Connect your apps and automate workflows–no code required
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Zapier’s Guru App is an easy way to connect Guru to over 3,000 applications to automate your knowledge management workflows within your daily business processes.

Zapier’s Guru App is an easy way to connect Guru with over 3,000 web applications to automate processes for creating, sharing, and keeping knowledge fresh. Zapier lets you automatically pass data to and from Guru without writing a single line of code. Connect Guru to Gmail, Asana, Jira, Google Sheets, Airtable, Salesforce, Hubspot, and thousands of other applications.

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Automate repetitive, manual tasks using Guru Zaps.

Context switching hurts productivity. With Guru and Zapier, you can automate repetitive tasks you’d otherwise have to do manually, without having to switch between apps. Your knowledge will be fresh, your users will be up to date, and you can focus on the business of doing your job.

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3 ways to use Zapier's Guru Connector

  1. Instantly collect critical product information in Guru, no matter where it originates
  2. Get real-time updates on content changes, comments from knowledge seekers, and your Collection’s Trust Scores, pushed automatically into your chat tool to take the “management” out of Knowledge Management
  3. Onboard new hires faster by automatically adding users to Guru via your HR Management systems
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How do I access the Zapier app?

The Zapier Guru App can be found in Zapier’s Marketplace. You can authenticate into the Guru App if you are logged into your Guru team’s account. Learn more about how to authenticate into Guru’s App here.

Zapier’s Guru App opens a wide variety of triggers and actions so you can automate almost any process to update, share, and verify knowledge. The full list of available triggers and actions is available on the Zapier Guru App marketplace listing.

NOTE: You will need Guru’s Builder plan or above to use Zapier’s Guru App.