Salesforce Service Cloud & Guru: Integrated Knowledge For Customer Support and Success

With Guru and Salesforce Service Cloud together, your support team can help customers with speed, accuracy and confidence. The integration brings all of your team’s knowledge right to where your teams are working, and even proactively pushes agents the knowledge they need, whether they’re responding to emails in Service Cloud or chatting live with customers in Salesforce Chat.
Knowledge Sync
AI Suggest
Knowledge Triggers
With Guru and Salesforce Service Cloud together, your support team can help customers with speed, accuracy and confidence
Knowledge Sync
AI Suggest
Knowledge Triggers
Customer Support
Customer Success

How Guru works with Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Knowledge Sync

Guru syncs in your Salesforce Knowledge articles on an ongoing basis, so all of the most up-to-date knowledge you need is in one place.

AI Suggest + Salesforce Service Cloud

Guru’s AI Suggest proactively suggests relevant information based on the ticket, so your agents don’t even need to spend time searching. In this case, Guru pushes content that has been synced from Salesforce.

Knowledge Trigger + Salesforce Service Cloud

Push your team with relevant knowledge by setting up a Knowledge Trigger, so that a knowledge article (we call Card) automatically surfaces based on certain content or fields within Salesforce. It’s kind of like coaching at scale.

6 reasons to integrate Salesforce Service Cloud and Guru

  1. Faster response time
  2. Quicker access to accurate information
  3. Reduced repeat questions and shoulder-tapping
  4. Higher agent confidence 
  5. Greater customer satisfaction
  6. No searching for info across multiple platforms / tabs 

How do I integrate Guru with Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Knowledge Sync

Easily sync your Salesforce Knowledge articles into Guru by navigating to Knowledge Sync under Team Settings and selecting Sync a New Collection - Salesforce. You’ll then be prompted to assign a Collection Title and Collection Owner, who will be in charge of ensuring everything is kept up to date. For more info here.

AI Suggest

To setup AI Suggest, all you need to do is enable AI Suggest via the Team Settings button. Then, select Salesforce as the app to turn “On” Authorization. More info here.

Knowledge Triggers

Automatically push relevant information to your team by opening the Guru extension and selecting Knowledge Triggers. Then, you’ll Assign a Card to surface based on specific content or fields within Salesforce. When a Knowledge Trigger is activated, the Guru extension icon will flash a purple icon in the bottom right with the specified Card, so your agent just needs to click the Guru icon, and they’ll have the knowledge they need. Magic! More info here.

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