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Knowledge Triggers

Get instant info with Knowledge Triggers

Knowledge Triggers give your employees access to important information the moment they need it, right in their preferred workflow.
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Access knowledge instantly

Access knowledge in your preferred work environment without having to switch apps or programs.

Customize effortlessly

You don’t need high-level technical expertise to use Knowledge Triggers. Admins and Authors can set up and configure specific Knowledge Triggers with a few clicks.

Increase productivity

By proactively suggesting relevant information, teams can improve their efficiency, make informed decisions, and deliver better results.

What are Knowledge Triggers?

Knowledge Triggers allow your team to receive personalized in-the-moment knowledge suggestions based on the content or fields they’re viewing on a webpage. Triggers are workspace-specific, visible only to the groups and users you want to see them. They can be set up for many use cases to help guide users to the information they need to work autonomously.

How do Knowledge Triggers work?

Knowledge Triggers are associated with specific websites, creating a connection between triggers and targeted web content. Triggers activate when predetermined fields consistently appear on-screen, using easy logic like "If [word] is near [other word], then show [Guru Card]."

People who set up Knowledge Triggers also have the ability to decide how the Triggers appear for others. The default option displays a small lightning bolt on the page that users can click on to get more information. Authors can choose a less subtle notification that will display must-see information with a short description of the Trigger.


Why do I need Knowledge Triggers?

Every team has its own unique challenges and processes, and having a little extra guidance can make all the difference. Managers and subject matter experts can’t always be there, but Knowledge Triggers can be! Use Knowledge Triggers to guide new employees through their first few weeks, help seasoned employees do their best work, and make everyone on your team more productive.

How can I get Knowledge Triggers?

Knowledge Triggers are available when using the browser extension.  

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