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Connect employee data and company knowledge with Guru

Guru’s HRIS integration automatically connects critical employee data with verified knowledge to make it easy to identify why someone is an SME.
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Connect with ease

With 40+ HR integrations to choose from, connecting your company knowledge and employee data is easier than ever.

See who knows what

Create a powerful single source of truth by connecting your employee data with company information.

Keep info consistent

Easily identify SMEs, understand how employees connect to one another, and do your best work all within the same platform.

What is HRIS sync?

Your HRIS is the single source of truth for employee data. Guru’s HRIS sync gives companies the ability to automatically connect that data with documented information. Guru makes it easy to populate specific fields from their HRIS into Guru’s employee profiles.

How does HRIS sync work?

Any admin can go to the integrations options in Guru, select the appropriate HRIS from a list of 40+ of the most popular applications, and choose which employee profile fields to sync.

Which HRIS integrations are currently included in the HRIS sync?

We currently have over 40 HRIS integrations you can choose from. We’re always adding new platforms and software to our HRIS sync. If you don’t see the logo of your HR software of choice, reach out to us.

Why do I need HRIS sync?

Automatically populating profiles with accurate information increases their usefulness while eliminating manual work. Employees can access company knowledge alongside all of the information they need on department connections, managers, and other important employee facts all in one platform. People can easily identify SMEs for departments and get answers to their most pressing work questions while staying in their preferred workflow.

Guru’s HRIS sync also creates the ideal HR intranet for your people team. Important employee information can be easily found and updated without having to switch to different platforms. Now your people team can manage information in one place, save time, and stay productive.

How can I get HRIS sync?

HRIS sync is available to everyone on a Builder plan and above.

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