How support teams use Guru to drive better outcomes

How to equip employees to provide exceptional customer experiences with AI

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The Problem

Support agents waste too much time searching across scattered systems to find the information they need, resulting in long resolution times, decreased first-call fixes, and customers frustrated by inconsistent service. And when seasoned employees leave, all of their institutional knowledge walks out the door too. Support teams should be empowered with centralized access to up-to-date information, leading to better experiences for agents and customers alike.

The Solution

Guru connects all your systems, documents, and expertise together into one unified knowledge base, accessible instantly from any agent's existing workflows, thanks to powerful, secure AI enterprise search capability. With Guru powering your support operation, agents finally have the trusted information needed to deliver exceptional service with speed and accuracy. Here’s how:

A single source of truth to boost reps’ confidence and reduce resolution times

Guru gives reps an always-available single source of truth, reducing resolution times through frictionless access to vital information. They can favorite frequently-used Cards, like customer FAQs, or they can follow Cards for real time updates. 

Guru's AI Answers feature allows agents to ask Guru a question in natural language (the same way a customer would) and Guru's AI will deliver the answer instantly. Or they can use Guru's smart, secure enterprise search to find what they're looking for quickly across all of their connected sources. They’ll even get additional relevant, AI-suggested content related to their query.

No matter how they get the information, reps feel confident because they know they can trust it—thanks to Guru's built-in verification system.

Gives reps answers where they’re already working

Stop wasting time toggling between apps to find information. Guru’s robust list of integrations means reps get answers directly in their workflows. From the browser extension, to chat tools, to Zendesk and Intercom, and more, Guru works where your agents do. 

And Guru doesn’t just surface the information reps are looking for. Knowledge Triggers connect particular pieces of content to specific fields on any web page, allowing you to proactively push in-context knowledge to employees. Seasoned reps stay sharp and new hires hit the ground running faster when all of the knowledge they need is right where they need it.

An AI sidekick to increase customer satisfaction

Give every rep their very own AI assistant with Guru’s AI-powered features. AI Assist can draft, summarize, translate, and improve content in your company’s voice for effortless, on-brand customer documentation and communications for a seamless experience. 

Need a sidekick who can really help you conquer your tasks? Enable AI Suggest Text. Integrating with many of your favorite tools, AI Suggest Text pays attention to what you’re working on or a conversation you're having with a customer, and uses machine learning to suggest relevant content. Permissioning lets you control what Guru can and can’t see, and what teams and people can view suggestions. Plus, the more you use it, the better it gets.

Up-to-the-minute information that improves effortlessly

As you’ve learned, Guru is a single source of truth for your team that keeps them updated on critical information and keeps that information fresh. But Guru doesn’t just store your information—it makes it better. 

Use detailed analytics to understand how your content is being used and who’s using it. Guru even shows you what questions and searches produced no results for your team, making it easy to fill knowledge gaps. Not sure who the right expert is to create that content? No problem—Guru’s AI will suggest the right expert for the job.

Key Stats

Guru customers report a 60% time savings with Answers vs. conventional methods

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Support agents who use AI handle 13.8% more customer inquiries per hour

Every question answered by Guru saves 8 minutes

Guru Executive Business Review Team

With over 600,000 online merchants relying on their commerce platform, Shopify focuses customer support on driving merchant revenue growth through consultative conversations. However, supporting a 90% remote staff primarily communicating via Slack posed knowledge access challenges.

By implementing Guru’s natively integrated solution, over 1,000 agents now use the knowledge base in 60% of interactions. Shopify ties agent performance to merchant sales uplift post-conversation, incentivizing fruitful discussions.

Guru’s frictionless real-time information delivery lets agents confidently make personalized recommendations without disrupting ticket workflows. This empowers shorter, more meaningful conversations that ultimately unlock merchant growth and revenue.

As Director Dana Tessier concludes, “If we can make those conversations better, more knowledge-filled, and shorter, then we save a lot of money and we create a lot more value. Guru is a big part of that process.”

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Key Takeaways

Guru Capabilities Leveraged

Native integrations with service tools
In-context content recommendations
Unanswered questions reporting
Content accuracy workflow automation
Enterprise search
AI Answers
Browser extension
AI Suggest Text
AI Assist
Ask an Expert
Knowledge Triggers
Published on 
June 11, 2024