The Problem

Slack is an indispensable tool for workplace communication, making it easy for workers to collaborate and share information. But because of the fast-paced, ephemeral nature of online chats, it’s all too easy for that information to get lost. Trying to capture information or find it again is made all the more difficult as traditional knowledge bases and intranets require users to work within their interfaces. When employees have questions or need to access information, they have no choice but to switch context. By the time they’ve found what they need, they’ve wasted time and struggle to get back into their flow.

The Solution

Guru is a wiki, intranet, and AI enterprise search engine in one platform that works where you do—including in Slack. Instead of leaving their conversations, workers can easily capture and share information interruption-free, without slowing down productivity or losing vital information. Transform your Slack chats from information overload to an information goldmine with the following tips:

Let Guru’s AI answer your questions instantly

With Guru's Suggested Answers in Slack, admins can designate high-traffic Slack channels where Guru's AI will automatically monitor questions and provide relevant answers instantly. This saves employees time by getting them the knowledge they need faster, without having to manually summon Guru or leave their conversations. It also reduces interruptions for subject matter experts who would otherwise have to manually respond to each question. By leveraging AI to proactively surface answers, Guru is an indispensable copilot for company knowledge, with instantaneous, intelligent responses that empower employees to stay focused and productive.

Use shortcuts to capture, share, and maintain content without leaving Slack

Guru works inside your Slack workflows, so you never have to context switch to find information. Using Slack's message shortcuts, it takes only a couple of clicks to instantly search Guru and share relevant Cards. Can't find what you need? Refine your search or create new Cards on the fly, without ever leaving Slack. Workers can also use shortcuts to add information to existing Cards, ensuring conversations get captured as knowledge. With Guru as their sidekick, Slack becomes a knowledge portal for employees, where vital information is always at their fingertips.

Keep your finger on the company pulse with Trending Topics for Slack

Guru's Trending Topics uses AI to scan designated Slack channels and identify critical knowledge gaps, surfacing the most talked-about questions and problems. Authors and admins receive digests of these trending topics on a customized schedule, making it easy to see what information your team needs most. With just a few clicks, you can then use Guru's Assist AI writing assistant feature to instantly turn these Slack conversations into polished, lasting resources for the whole team. This powers a virtuous cycle—identifying critical knowledge, capturing it in Guru, and closing team knowledge gaps—without ever leaving your Slack workflows.

Stay in the know with notifications

Guru sends real-time notifications directly in Slack when there are updates to knowledge that matters to you. Get pinged when someone comments on or needs you to verify content you've authored so you can take action. Receive announcements from leadership with important company news. And follow specific pieces of content or authors to get notified if key information changes or new content gets published that is relevant to your work. With Slack notifications, Guru makes sure employees stay up to date without getting overwhelmed. There's no need to constantly check multiple systems or dig through long email chains. Critical knowledge and updates come to you in real-time so you're always working with the latest information.

Key Stats

Answers has helped teams reduce noisy Slack channel inquiries by 30%

Guru Executive Business Review Team

It takes workers an average of 23 minutes, 15 seconds to refocus after an interruption

On average, knowledge workers are interrupted 15 times per hour

The challenge: redundant Slack questions

Agents at Branch, an insurance tech company, repeatedly asked questions in Slack that had documented answers. This wasted leaders' time and created inconsistencies. Sales & Support Effectiveness Lead Kendall Sipp-Paris noticed agents struggled to find answers and sought to solve this lack of accessibility with Guru.

The outcome: 30% fewer repeat questions

After implementing Guru's Answers feature, Branch reduced repeat training questions in Slack by 30% within 3 months. Answers uses AI to deliver information to employees in their workflows, instantly.

As Director Eli Logan stated, "People are finding answers themselves now rather than asking for help."

Agents use Answers multiple times daily to self-serve information with natural language search. By eliminating duplicate questions, Answers boosts consistency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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Key Takeaways

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Published on 
April 5, 2024