The Problem

Trying to steer company-wide change is difficult when people don’t have access to all the information they need. Details end up scattered across emails, docs, and undocumented conversations. Before you know it, folks have totally different ideas of what’s happening, when, and why. Managers can’t track who actually read the new policy roll-out. People feel out of the loop. And all the while, any lessons from past changes get lost in the shuffle rather than prepping you for the next rollout. The result: changes that are full of friction and take far too long to enact.

The Solution

As an AI-powered wiki, knowledge base, and intranet in one platform, Guru centralizes all the critical information, plans, training materials, and updates required when changes hit. With an always up-to-date, trusted hub for everything from timelines to best practices, details no longer get lost across scattered docs and apps. Leaders can easily track engagement with rollouts to address questions before uncertainty breeds. Imagine your whole company aligned, informed, and equipped with knowledge to ace adoption. Guru's communication, collaboration and context features make change management seamless, no matter the size of the shift.

Streamline communications around change

Guru enables organizations to clearly and efficiently communicate vital information before, during, and after times of change. Use Announcements to send critical communications and guarantee the message reaches all employees. But you don’t have to start from scratch. Assist, Guru’s AI-powered writing assistant, helps leaders craft communications with the right tone and in multiple languages.

Reduce uncertainty and anxiety

By centralizing all details and documentation related to organizational changes, Guru reduces ambiguity and anxiety during transformations. Employees have a reliable source of information about timelines, responsibilities, processes and more. Detailed analytics shows leaders unanswered questions and searches that have produced no results, so they can easily fill knowledge gaps. And with built-in verification, employees feel secure, knowing the information they’re getting is always up to date and accurate.

Accelerate adoption and alignment

With embedded Knowledge Triggers and AI-suggested relevant content, Guru makes it effortless for employees to access information and training where and when they need it as changes roll out. (Knowledge Triggers connect particular pieces of content to specific fields on any web page, allowing you to proactively push in-context knowledge to employees.) Information isn’t just readily available, it’s unmissable, facilitating smooth changes.

Easily capture institutional knowledge

Guru lets teams capture learnings, insights, and best practices as changes occur—right where they’re already working. Grab information from Slack, Teams, and your other favorite apps and turn it into a reusable resource instantly, preparing your org for future transformations. Use analytics to understand how teams and individuals are consuming change-related content, and see what employees are asking Guru and searching for to easily identify and fill knowledge gaps as change is happening.

Streamline onboarding and communication

When teams grow or shift during changes, Guru’s transparent and up-to-date information source gets new hires and employees in new roles aligned faster on evolving roles, processes, tools, and ways of working.

Key Stats

73% of change-affected employees experience moderate to high stress levels

Employees experiencing change-related stress perform 5% worse than other employees

Only one-third of change initiatives succeed

As a healthcare staffing disruptor, Trusted Health prides itself on feeling “reborn” every few months, rapidly adapting to new market conditions. But such constant change can spur information fragmentation that breeds employee confusion. Trusted Health turned to Guru’s knowledge management platform to smooth transformations.

Centralizing information through times of shift

During major organizational changes, Trusted Health leaders establish Slack channels for questions and commentary. By activating Guru’s Trending Topics in these channels, management gleans insights into employee concerns and patterns around impending shifts, proactively addressing issues. The always up-to-date Guru knowledge base also lets staff reference the latest trusted details on timelines, responsibilities and processes related to changes.

Promoting understanding via AI-powered search

Trusted Health customer service reps need to swiftly deliver accurate answers to healthcare partners. But switching between disparate systems poses the risk of outdated information. With Guru's AI Answers feature, employees surface reliable responses in seconds right within the platform, eliminating fruitless searching across scattered wikis and docs. Built-in verification provides confidence in the results.

Empowering subject matter experts with automated writing assistance

To enrich content on evolving policies and best practices, Trusted Health tapped Guru’s Assist to automate summarization and enhancement of critical documents. The AI writing aide crafts digestible summaries for quick consumption while allowing subject matter experts to spend more time on strategic work rather than manual rewriting.

Through centralized knowledge, automated insights, and AI assistance, Guru enabled Trusted Health to maintain alignment, clarity, and agility during rapid growth and transformation—empowering the business to stay ahead of healthcare’s shifting landscape.

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Published on 
April 5, 2024