How and Where to Find Actionable Sales Content

Last verified Sep 1, 2018

Finding good sales content is hard. Finding sales content that is actionable and able to be put into practice is even harder. That's why we initially created our Weekly Enlightenment newsletter, to round up the best of the best in SaaS Sales content so you don't have to put in the effort to search for it yourself.

We have sent over 50 editions of the newsletter out over the past year, so we thought it would be valuable to curate our curated newsletter (so meta, I know) to provide SaaS sales professionals with the best of the best content in the industry. So now, we have created our "Ultimate Guide to Enabling Your SaaS Sales Team" that has over 100 actionable sales articles in 16 different categories. They range from SDR oriented topics like objection handling, cold email tactics, and prospecting strategies to topics of interest for sales leaders like benchmark reports, scaling your sales team, and building your sales stack.

As we continue to send out our weekly newsletter, this resource guide will continue to evolve and be updated, so bookmark it now!

Now you know how and where to find actionable sales content :)