Introducing Assist: Your AI-Powered Writing Partner

Last verified Jun 6, 2023

Who remembers sitting in class in high school and thinking, “When am I ever going to need this stuff in real life?” Unless you’re a biologist, knowing that mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell doesn’t come in too handy at work. You probably haven’t had to calculate the circumference of a circle by hand in a while, and your boss didn’t quiz you on the atomic weight of aluminum during your last team meeting. There are plenty of things we learned in school that we don’t use today. It’s too bad that writing didn’t end up being one of them.

The art of writing and information sharing

Nobody is quizzing you on parts of speech during meetings (hopefully), but written communication is an important part of work. We all need some writing skills to send emails, talk to teammates in Slack or Teams, or share essential knowledge with others at your company.


Writing and communication are some of the most important pillars of documenting and sharing knowledge. Whether you consider your writing skills on par with professionals or get nervous when you have to draft an email, we can all agree that writing takes a certain degree of expertise. Even if writing comes naturally to you, crafting something worth reading still takes plenty of time and effort. And that’s especially true when you’re dealing with adding information to your knowledge base. 

So, yes, everyone has to put on their writer's hat when they document information. Even if you’re just copying and pasting text or embedding tables and documents, knowing the right information to include and keeping things like tone and language in mind is crucial. All of this may be important, but focusing on the art of writing when you’re more concerned about properly sharing knowledge is tough. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a writing assistant that could help you with all the difficult parts of documenting and storing information so you can focus on sharing your knowledge? With the launch of Assist in Guru, you can!

Introducing Assist

Assist uses generative AI to help Guru authors edit, adjust, improve, and bring clarity to the knowledge they've created without having to use yet another tool. Using Assist is simple: Authors highlight the text to be improved and then direct Assist to summarize/edit/adjust that specific copy. Need to fix up the whole Card? Assist works that way too. All you need to do is point, click, and think about what you want to improve. 

With every AI feature we build at Guru, we believe that keeping humans at the center of work is integral to keeping a critical degree of trust required for knowledge at your company. That’s why we built Assist to be a tool that supports users while they record and share their knowledge.

Assist blog feature image

Why? Because we believe your voice and perspective matter. Every user should be able to create knowledge and use Assist to make suggestions to their writing, all without losing their unique and authentic voice.

Close knowledge gaps with Assist

Not only do you have the power of Assist in the Guru web app, but we've also added its summarization abilities directly into our Slack integration. With Assist, you can quickly and easily summarize or produce an FAQ from a Slack thread or Trending Topics digest and add that knowledge seamlessly into Guru. You can use summaries to give up-front context in a Slack message or repurpose that content and send an Announcement to your teammates. Assist isn’t just for new knowledge. You may have legacy knowledge living in Guru—or outside of it in places like Google Drive, Confluence, or Notion. That existing content can still be valuable; it just might be old or disconnected. Whether your knowledge is too long, outdated, unorganized, and/or incomplete, Assist is here to help. Assist can shorten knowledge, include a summary of content that needs more up-front context, or add some polish to the general flow for easier readability.

Assist opens up an entire world of writing and editing possibilities to Guru users. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what it can do.


Gathering key points and producing a straightforward summary can take more time than we’d like to admit. With Assist, you can add a summary to the top of your Card for easier readability and empower your readers with up-front context. Improve efficiency for your readers who can consume a summary to get the gist of the knowledge and then decide to dive deeper for more details if they need them.

Want a little variety in your summaries? With the power of Assist, you can create:

  • Quick summaries

  • Detailed summaries

  • Bulleted lists

  • Numbered lists


Assist-improve text

Writing is tricky, we get it. With Assist on your side, you can create and edit like a true professional. Here’s how you can use Assist to help bring out your inner scribe: 

Fix spelling and grammar: Affect or effect, fewer or less, a while or awhile— you don’t have time to worry about picking the right one. Don’t get stuck in the weeds of checking for spelling and grammar. Have Assist do it in seconds and spare yourself the time (and facepalms).

Simplify vocabulary: It’s difficult to identify what words you use that may be considered jargon to others. Assist can identify those words for you and replace them with synonyms that are more universally understood, ensuring inclusivity and clarity of your knowledge. 

Refine/ formalize: We’ve all been there: you write something that reads a little off or doesn’t flow quite right. Instead of spending time re-thinking, re-writing, and re-arranging, trying to get your writing ‘just right,’ let Assist come in with fresh eyes to assess that pesky paragraph (or two) and suggest a better flow.

Shorten: Being concise is easier said than done (cut to me editing this document). Assist can take what you’ve written and condense it without losing any of the important information. Your readers will thank you.

Adjust tone

Tone should change depending on the nature of the content and who is going to be reading it. For the less experienced writer, adjusting your natural writing tone can be quite challenging. Assist can help adjust the tone of your writing without losing your message or voice. If you think your writing needs a little something extra, consider choosing any of the following tones for a little help:

Conversational: Great for cards that contain responses and dialogue to be used with your customers. Adjust tone to ensure talking points sound natural when used in conversation. 

Direct: Perfect for writing clear instructions, how-to documents, or SOPs when you want to get straight to the point and avoid any confusion.

Empathetic: Helpful for knowledge that is meant to empower others or has a more sensitive topic that needs extra care.

Professional: Can be used for cards that need a technical and/or academic tone.

Witty: Ideal for sprucing up a newsletter or a piece of content that could use some Frasier-level humor.


Assist-improve text

Stop asking your valuable bi-and-tri-lingual employees (or a third party) to manually translate information into other languages. Write in the language you’re most comfortable with and have Assist automatically translate it to another language. Now your team can spend minutes, instead of hours, making tweaks and small refinements on translation work. Languages Assist supports:

  • Chinese

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Japanese

  • Spanish

AI for all

We asked Guru customers who were on an early Beta of Assist how they felt about it, and here’s what they said:

“Assist is useful when I have cards that are coming up for verification. Oftentimes knowledge needs a touch up, so Assist can be there to do that and add improvements on every single card.”

“Love that it adds the new content to the top of the card so I can compare it to what I have already. Is this capturing everything I want to capture? And then I can add or edit what I already have to improve it.”

“Having Assist in Slack is making the worst part about writing content as easy and simple as possible. This will prevent pushback and hesitation to creating and updating content as things change.”

If you want to experience some of the knowledge sharing magic they’re enjoying, let’s talk about how we can do the same for your team.